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Merle Australian Shepherd Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Dogs

Dogs have a long history usually as guarding, hunting and working dogs. For many dogs their original purpose has been replaced by their current value as simply a family pet. However, this is not the case with regard to Australian Shepherd Dogs. Today they continue their duty as herding dogs and celebrating this special breed are the Merle Australian Shepherd Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Dogs. Made by Douglas Toys and featured online by dog plush stuffed animal toy specialist Animal World the Merle Australian Shepherd Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Dogs come in two sizes. The larger Merle Australian Shepherd plush toy is called “Sinclair” and the smaller version is named “Steward”. Both names are very appropriate and harken to their heritage as current responsibilities herding sheep, cattle or any animal in need of organized movement. Many airports have recently enlisted herding dogs such as Australian Shepherd to keep waterfowl away from runways due to the hazard of large birds pose colliding with airliners. The Merle Australian Shepherd trademark is their silver, white mottled look combined with patchwork dark grey, brown all set on a white background. This same look is duplicated with amazing realism on the Merle Australian Shepherd stuffed animal toy plush dog. The Merle Australian Shepherd Plush Toy Stuffed Animal Dog Sinclair is featured above and resembles a adult dog. The Merle Australian Shepherd Stuffed Animal Toy Plush Dog Steward is displayed below and has more of a puppy appearance. The beauty of Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys is not limited to dog owners. Anyone especially dog lovers who are not able to have a real dog can enjoy and feel comforted by the instant companionship of the Merle Australian Shepherd dog stuffed animal toy plush. Until recently dog plush toy stuffed animals were not available in specific dog breeds like Merle Australian Shepherd. This current availability should not be taken for granted, thus it is time to seize the moment and secure a Merle Australian Shepherd plush stuffed animal toy while it is still in production.

Photos and Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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