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Penguin Puppets Fun for Penguin Awareness Day January 20

Emperor Penguin Puppet with BabyPenguin Awareness Day is January 20. From their depiction in animal documentaries like “March of the Penguins” to Cartoon Movies like “Happy Feet” Penguins have endeared and ingrained themselves into modern culture. With their always dapper looking black and white tuxedo styled natural good looks the Penguin is always ready for a party. A fun way to bring Penguin Awareness Day to life is with Penguin Puppets. Can you imagine going to any party on January 20th along with your Penguin Puppet the good humored stir it would create. By combining Penguin Puppet fun with education everyone could join in immediately to celebrate the obscure but entertaining Penguin Awareness Day this January 20. It doesn’t take a professional to easily handle either the Emperor Penguin Puppet with Baby shown above left or the Baby Penguin Puppet shown bottom left. Made by Folkmanis and featured online by Animal World the Penguin Puppets are ready to not only entertain but also to take on the unique personality of whoever decides to try their hand, pardon the pun, at being a Penguin puppeteer. Baby Penguin PuppetFor children the smaller Baby Penguin Puppet would probably be the wisest choice or for anyone who considers themselves a complete novice. There is even a Penguin Finger puppet available for anyone who is totally intimidated by the thought of working a real puppet but feels confident enough to wiggle their finger. Likewise for large gatherings or goodie bags the Penguin Finger Puppets could easily be a universal choice for large gatherings. Penguin Gifts Stores will undoubtedly be promoting Penguin Puppets to help celebrate Penguin Awareness Day. Penguins will continue to be one of the favorite of all animals and in turn are an automatic representation of cold things like ice, perseverance in handling the cold and their constant handsome appearance since they are continually dressed up for any occasion.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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