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New Badger Toy Miniature Figurine by Safari Toy at

badger toy miniature figurineIt is always exciting when a new animal toy miniature is introduced but when it is a Badger Toy Miniature figurine with realistic detail like this one it is especially fun. Featured online by Animal World and made by Safari Toys the new Badger Toy Miniature captures the dangerous realism that a real snarling Badger presents to it’s adversaries. Likewise the classic striped markings with silver, black, white, brown coloring is also represented in the new Badger Toy Miniature. The timing of this new animal toy miniature couldn’t be better for schools and colleges like University of Wisconsin that have adopted the badger as their school mascot. For school morale the badger toy miniatures could be adapted in creative and imaginative ways to University of Wisconsin hats or costumes showing outgoing school spirit. For educational purposes Teachers will be thrilled to utilize the Badger Toy Miniature for school classroom animal study discussions. Where analysis of a real badger would be extremely difficult study of a badger toy miniature is easy. Students and teachers can comfortably handle the badger toy miniature for a fun hands on detailed learning experience. For home play fun the badger toy miniature can obviously provide hours for children. This type of animal toy miniature interactive play fun according to studies is one of the most beneficial types of educational tools because they require the child to bring imagination and creativity to the arena. For badger gifts store collectors the badger toy miniature is the welcome addition to the limited line of Badger plush stuffed animals and figurines available.  

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