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Bat Earrings Gold Jewelry for fashion, fun and admiration

bat earrings gold jewelry
Bats are wonderful misunderstood animals. People think of bats when they think of Halloween or spooky houses. In reality bats eat gobs of insects, including mosquitoes. Everyone has been bitten by a mosquito, ouch, and yet no one is scared of mosquitoes. Everyone should be grateful for bats since in essence they are saving you from all those bites and other insects which can make your life miserable. If given a chance bats are fascinating to watch the way they come out just before dark and begin there night of feeding to make all our lives much more manageable. For all the great things bats do bats should be one of our most popular animals. For some people bats have become a fascination and for some people they feel a certain affinity with these nocturnal animal birds of the night. For them the Bat Earrings shown make great fashion and can be worn for casual or for dress up. Made in the USA of 14 ct gold they feature hundreds or facets on a gentle curve that catch the light and make them extremely fashionable. Of course for people who wish to dress up for Halloween the Bat Earrings Jewelry would be the perfect choice and if you are headed to that spooky house the effect of the Bat Earrings cannot be estimated. For zoo get together s often fund raisers take place to raise money specific habitats and if the bat habitat was having such an event the bat earrings would be an exceptional choice. The Bat Earrings could even be used in promotion and as a fund raiser for such an event. Bat Earrings like all Animal Earrings from sources shown are all very lightweight and stay looking new for years. Bat Earrings are just one example of the many items available for collectible lovers of Bat Gifts. So next time you see a bat marvel in the uniqueness and usefulness of this animal, remember don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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