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Beagle Crossing Sign is Dog Warning Signs Function and Fun

beagle crossing signWhen people think of America one of the first dogs that come to mind is the Beagle because of it’s close lineage to hunting. Bred originally in England and brought to America to help hunters find their quarry the Beagle has also endeared itself into families as a pet. With it’s heritage in hunting as well as more recent history as a family pet the need for a Beagle Crossing Sign was born. Made of durable lightweight aluminum the Beagle Crossing Sign can be used functionally on country roads where encounters with Beagles running in aid of a hunter is a distinct possibility. With a dog warning sign such as the Beagle Crossing Sign in place on a post or tree motorists realize quick encounters with Beagles are possible and therefore a reduced speed plus a wary eye is required. Families in neighborhoods can feel the same need and want the same protection for their beloved Beagle family pet. Since the Beagle dog breed is inherently prone to chase other animals the possibility of Beagles crossing the neighborhood street is actually at more risk than in the country. Families also often want a dog warning sign to advise non-dog lovers as a courtesy that they may be close to a scary encounter with a dog. For this reason dog crossing signs are often put on a fence or a pole near walkways where visitors are likely to travel. In addition, since Beagles can be protective or aggressive toward unknown visitors the Beagle Crossing Sign in particular is a wise investment. Beagle Crossing Signs and Dog Warning Signs have obvious functional use but they can also be used for indoor home decor fun. Dog breed lovers often have a collection of Beagle Gift Store items including Beagle plush stuffed animals, t shirt, blanket, pillow, figurine, doormat, crossing sign, plate, and shot glass. The idea of warning unwary visitors that they are about to enter a Beagle dog lovers lair is a smart move. The Beagle Crossing Sign not only warns visitors in a good natured manner it also sets a sense of humor and fun to the situation. Whatever the need the Beagle Crossing Sign is dog warning sign is perfect for outdoor function or indoor fun and best of all it is made in the USA.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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