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Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry is dog blankets home decor family fun

beagle blanket throw tapestryBeagle blanket throw tapestries are like a Snuggie for dog lovers. Dog blankets are a great way to create warm decor to your home and the Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for showing all your guests that you are a Beagle dog lover. Beagles are one of the most recognizable of all dog breeds. With their bright attentive face, toned muscular body and eager wagging tail the Beagle an American classic. As part of the sporting dog group the Beagle historically was used in hunting and to this day continues to be used for that purpose. The predominant look for the Beagle breed is the dark brown, golden brown and white color grouping however, lighter shades of the colors have given way to a lemon colored Beagle. For many the Beagle may have been their first pet and Beagles love to be part of any family. A walk in the park or out on the farm just wouldn’t be the same without the family Beagle alongside to provide companionship. All these wonderful memories can be captured by adding a Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry to the family home decor. With it’s superb artwork the Beagle Blanket could be displayed on a wall, or across a sofa, bed or chair. Of course it is a blanket so when it’s chilly the Beagle Blanket Throw is a great way to stay cozy warm. Lots of students have gone off to college for the first time this fall and for those students that left their pet Beagle at home a beagle gift like a Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry might be the perfect way to keep the home fires burning. The same homesick situation could be true for a patient in a hospital away from their beloved Beagle for the first time. Here a Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry could make the patient or elderly person in a nursing home feel better and may even help speed recovery. In these tough times people are looking for ways to help the economy and there is no better way than buying products made in the USA. The Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry as with all Dog Blenket Throw Tapestries is proudly made in the USA of all US made materials. So everyone wins, if you are looking for a beautiful dog blanket throw tapestry, you love Beagles and want to help the USA look for a Beagle Blanket Throw Tapestry for home decor family function and fun.

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