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Beagle T Shirts at Animal World

beagle t shirt
Beagle T Shirt USA

Beagle T Shirts are now available for Dog Breed Lovers in sizes from Kids to Adult. Made in the USA by dog breed t shirt specialist Animal World the Beagle T Shirt provides dog breed lover fashion fun for all ages and sizes. Featuring a large Beagle print on the front, a smaller beagle print on the sleeve and paw prints on the opposite sleeve the Beagle T Shirt looks as vibrant and alive as the beagle dog breed itself. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Beagle T Shirt is as comfortable to wear as it is exciting to show off. Capturing in artwork the essence of this energetic hound the Beagle T Shirt shows off the beautiful attentive, ready to work and eager to please personality of the Beagle dog breed. Dog Expositions, Bark in the Park events, dog jumping events and dog walks are all excellent opportunities for wearing the Beagle T Shirt. Dog Breed Show Competitions are also an opportune moment for wearing the fashionable Beagle T Shirt. Locating a Beagle Gifts Store locally is virtually an impossible situation, however, finding beagle gift items like the Beagle T Shirt online is easy. According to Mary at Animal World “we also offer Beagle Sweatshirts for dog breed lover enthusiasts, in fact since we print our own, we even offer hooded sweatshirts or tanktops with the Beagle artwork.”  

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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