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Black Bear Crossing Sign for outdoors or indoors

black bear crossing signAs Spring finally comes after a long cold Winter in some places so do the bears. Winter is the time of year when Bears are known to hibernate but with Spring and warmer weather Bear sightings can become more abundant. To educate the public regarding possible Bears sightings the Bear Crossing Signs will certainly grab anyone’s immediate attention. Actually sighting a Black Bear up close is a double edged sword in that seeing one is very exciting, on the other hand knowing you are no longer the top of the food chain in the area is sobering. Seeing a bear in it’s real wild habitat is a memory anyone would like to have checked off their bucket list. The reality of being in close proximity with a Black Bear may require you to fend off an attack. If done as recommended to fend off a Black Bear you should not run and instead make a lot of noise while trying to look as large as possible. As with anything the best way to handle the situation is to be prepared and the Black Bear Crossing Sign allows everyone the opportunity to be on guard. Bear Crossing Signs are made of durable aluminum so they are suitable and perfect for outdoors. The Bear Crossing Sign has a prepunched hole for ease of hanging on a pole, fence or wall. Outdoors is not the exclusive domain for the Bear Crossing Sign, they are also perfect for indoor decoration. Bear gifts store enthusiasts can use the Bear Crossing Sign as a way of announcing their collection of bear figurines, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, blanket throw tapestries and other memorabilia especially if an entire room has been dedicated as a bear lovers shrine. For businesses that have adopted the Black Bear as their mascot the Bear Crossing Sign can used to adorn welcome areas, offices and meeting rooms. Sports clubs also choose the Bear as their mascot, for these situations the Bear Crossing sign can work in the same way it works for business. Schools can decorate the halls of their school with the Bear Crossing as a morale booster and feeling of unity. Like similar animal crossing signs the Bear Crossing Sign is diamond square, with bright caution color yellow, beautiful artwork and best of all they are made in the USA.

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