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Pig Figurine Statue Beasties of the Kingdom is Whimsical Home Décor Fun

pig figurine statue beastie
Pig Figurine Statue Beasties of the Kingdom

Several years ago The Encore Group introduced to the animal figurine market a unique line of whimsical, rustic, comical, entertaining statues called the Beasties of the Kingdom and the Beastie Pig Figurine Statue was one of the most interesting pieces. Featuring an amusing personality the Pig Figurine Beastie was a must have for any pig lover enthusiasts collection. Measuring 6” long x 5” high x 4” wide and shown in a lazy pig lying down in the relaxed style this Beastie Pig Figurine Statue is perfect for any shelf, coffee table, office desk or curio cabinet where you are looking down on it in all it’s mud splashed glory. This whimsical, comical and entertaining style of animal figurine was the brainchild of John Raya. His Beasties of the Kingdom in addition to the Pig also included comical depictions of a beaver, monkey, armadillo, turtle, squirrel, llama, pelican, skunk and many other animals. Whether selected for their value as an individual animal figurine or the whole collection the Beasties of the Kingdom captured a period in time when the variety of animal statues was at its highest. As with so many animal figurine collections of its time the Beasties of the Kingdom collection is retired so pieces like the Pig figurine statue Beastie is valuable and its value will continue to rise over time. With selection now available with retailers with remaining stock on hand the time is now to act. According to Mary at Animal World they have only 2 left of the Pig Figurine Statue Beastie and when they are sold they will be out of stock. For Pig Gifts Store enthusiasts the Pig Figurine Statue Beastie is a must to complete their collection of plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, earrings, mugs and keychains. Hopefully in the near future animal figurines will once again be as varied, diversified and entertaining as the Beasties of the Kingdom were to the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Pig Figurine Beastie Statue article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

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