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Bichon Frise figurine statues for dog figurines lover home decor.

bichon frise figurine dog statueFor Bichon Frise dog owners there is no other dog. Requiring an owner willing to put in the extra care they require Bichon Frise dogs return a special love which makes them a unique breed. To capture that special Bichon Frise charm Sandicast dog figurines are available in Bichon Frise. Bichon Frise figurines like the Sandicast figurine mid size shown offer a warmth and adorable expression that transcends their cast stone makeup. Originally made by Sandra Brue out of clay the Bichon Frise is made of cast stone and detail hand painted with real glass eyes which seem real and almost seem to communicate when looked at eye to eye. Sandicast Bichon Frise figurines come in snoozer size, small size, the mid size pictured, an original regular size and even a life size. For dog figurines home decor the Bichon Frise figurine dog statue is a wonderful addition to any collection. Designed for display on shelves, curios, or mantles the Bichon Frise dog figurines also work well in settings where a black and white hard contrast motifs need soft lines to provide relief. Originally made in the USA Bichon Frise figurines made in America are collectors items which may prove to be extremely valuable in future dog figurine collections.

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