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Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry captures Amerian Wild West History

Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry BisonThe Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry captures a piece of American history and Americana and places that artwork in an animal blanket throw tapestry which is made in the USA by American workers. There is no greater symbol of the natural untamed wild west than the Buffalo also known as Bison. With their rugged brown coat, mane, massive head and horns there is no mistaking the look of an American Buffalo Bison. Native to the wide open plains primarily in the West Buffaloes were at one point on the brink of extinction due to over hunting and loss of habitat. Today because of concerned animal wildlife lovers Buffalo Bison once again roam restricted parts of the west in herds in numbers which in small ways resemble the once massive herds. In addition, Buffalo Bison are today no longer the exclusively found in the West, many have brought them east to live on farms and in many cases raised for food like cattle. Still the most natural setting for the buffalo bison are the vast plains of the Western states of the USA. This natural look of Buffalo in the wide open spaces is what is captured in the Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry. Like all wildlife animal blanket throw tapestries the Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for display on the wall, draped across a sofa, chair, bed or used for warmth when watching TV, reading or taking a nap. Businesses, schools, clubs and organizations often adopt animals like the Buffalo Bison. For groups the Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry can be used as a gift for students, athletes, as a trophy, for clients and any opportunity to lend beauty and history to enhance the situation.

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