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Black Labrador Puppets and Dog Puppets are fun

Folkmanis Dog Puppet SittingPuppets are a great way to show and express feelings. Dog puppets such as Black Labrador or Sitting Dog are ideal for this purpose. Dogs are friendly, easy to identify with animals. Children in therapy can use the Black Labrador to express themselves through the puppet. The puppet can represent themselves and act out their frustrations or express feelings by being the dog. The therapist could use the dog to reach out to the client and talk to the puppet instead of the child. Through the puppet a connection with the child could be made. Dog puppets are fun to use and can be used for lots of other applications. Many stories are about dogs or have dogs in them. Doing a puppet show with a dog in it makes the show a hit. The black labrador puppet is easy to use and having it do cute puppy antics like panting hard with it’s tongue out and moving it’s head. black labrador puppet folkmanisHolding the labrador puppet across your body and have one hand in the head moving it and the other arm supporting the body of the dog use that hand to twitch the puppy’s tail giving it a realistic look. Try it it’s fun and looks realistic.

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