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Black Panther Figurine Statues for jungle mystery home decor

Black Panther Figurine Statue CrouchingAnimal Figurines are always a challenge especially with regard to finding a good selection of the mysterious Black Panther figurine statue. Today Animal World has released 2 new Black Panther figurines for home decor. Made of cast stone with fine detailed hand painted realistic look the Black Panther Figurine Statues come in 2 styles. One Black Panther Figurine Statue features the Black Panther by itself just showing off the beautiful lines of this incredible wild large cat of the jungle. Similarly but different the Black Panther rock figurine statue captures the black panther in it’s own element as it surveys it’s domain. With either piece Black Panther enthusiasts can bring a small piece of the black panthers bold presence to take it’s place as part of anyone’s home decor. Black Panther Figurine Statue on RockThe Black Panther Figurine Statue best location for presentation is at eye level where when you look at the figurine it is looking right back at you. This setting is best achieved when the Black Panther Figurine Statue is place on a mantle, shelf or curio cabinet where it looks as if it is ready to pounce with the crouching figurine or observing the world with the perched on a rock figurine. Black Panther Figurine Statues allow anyone the opportunity to observe the beauty of this majestic animal. In the wild a Black Panther in your presence would be a definite life threatening situation. People as a rule are not used to being at the top of the food chain. Black Panthers hunt, live and survive in the jungle, humans would certainly be in a situation of great danger. For this reason the Black Panther Figurine Statues allow collectors the chance to enjoy their favorite animal in the safety and protection of their home. The Black Panther Figurine Statues like all animal figurines brings a part of the wild outdoors into the more serene protective foundation of animal lover home decor. The Black Panther Figurine Statues will bring the mystery of the jungle into homes looking for untamed big cat adventure into their home decor.

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