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Blue Crab Realistic Plush Stuffed Toy Animal Good Enough to Eat

blue crab plush stuffed animal realistic toy The Realistic Blue Crab Plush Stuffed Animal Toy at Animal World is so real it looks good enough to eat. The blue crab plush has an authentic looking shell top with detailed markings. The crab has two large front claws and 8 smaller legs. Crab experts will be impressed that as soon as they flip the crab it’s evident that it is a female. The blue crab has a wide plate on the bottom depicting a female. If it had been of a male crab the plate would have been much smaller and slender. Steve from Animal World says “The realistic blue crab plush is a great way to decorate a beach theme”. The blue crab would be great to display if you are having a seafood fest. You don’t have to be in Maryland to love the blue crab. Other states are known for their delicious crab dishes; crab dips, crab cakes, etc. Imagine having a large table spread with newspaper and a hefty pot of delicious cooked crab is dumped on it for a crab lovers feast. Include hammers, nut crackers, picks and don’t forget the melted butter. Display a few Realistic Blue crabs around the room to enhance the mood. The Realistic Blue crab can also be used for schools, churches and businesses. Many schools have the crab as their mascot. Displaying the blue crab plush stuffed animal toy in every classroom would enhance school spirit. Place them around the school; in the office, guidance office, on the walls of the lunch room. Visitors wouldn’t help but notice that you were the crabs. Businesses and churches could use them to promote upcoming events. The blue crab would also be the perfect way to remember a wonderful vacation to the beach. Bring home a fun reminder of your trip.

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