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New Blue Heron Crossing Sign promotes Wildlife Awareness Preservation

blue heron crossing sign
Blue Heron Crossing Sign

Wildlife awareness and preservation importance is enhanced with the new Blue Heron Crossing Sign. Animal Crossing Sign specialist Animal has just released a new Blue Heron Crossing Sign just in time for the always anticipated southern migration of many bird species including Blue Heron. Known for their large size, beautiful long lines, blue silver colorings and exquisite feathery wings, head and tail the Blue Heron is one of the most beautiful of inland marsh birds. To protect, educate, preserve and alert visitors the Blue Heron the Heron Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum for year round outdoor use. Measuring 17” high x 17” wide with the classic diamond shape the Blue Heron Crossing Sign features beautiful full color Blue Heron artwork. With a prepunched hole at the top the Blue Heron Crossing Sign is easily mounted outside on a post, tree, fence or any necessary location. Inside the Blue Heron Crossing Sign can be utilized for indoor bird lover home décor on a door, wall and anywhere required to notify all visitors that they are in the presence of a true wildlife bird enthusiast. For Blue Heron Gift Stores featuring blue heron figurine statues, t shirts, plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures the Blue Heron bird crossing sign will be an exceptional addition. Best of all for all consumers wishing to buy American, they will be pleased to know that the Blue Heron Crossing Sign is proudly made in the USA.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Blue Heron Crossing Sign photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Blue Heron Earrings and Pin Brooch Jewelry for Bird Lover Fashion

blue heron earrings fine enamelWhen it comes to shore birds there are many to choose from, however, certainly one of the largest and most elegant is the Blue Heron. Capturing that beauty in animal earrings or pin brooch jewelry fashion are the new Blue Heron French Curve Earrings and Blue Heron Pin Brooches by Fine Enamels Crown Jewelry and available at Animal World. Pictured above left are the Blue Heron Earrings gold with fine enamels in the French curve style. Coordinating easily with the earrings is the Blue Heron Pin Brooch Jewelry. Worn separately or together they immediately set the wearer on notice as a lady who appreciates the beauty nature provides and someone who wants others to open up their hearts to this impressive native bird. While the Blue Heron gold with fine enamel jewelry can be worn for casual or dress up the newest Rhodium Blue Heron Relief Style Jewelry provide a shinier more glamorous look which lends itself to fancier occasions. Featuring a modern style the Rhodium Blue Heron Earrings Relief Style have a lighter more delicate look and feel. Similarly the Rhodium Blue Heron Pin Brooch Relief Style also provides a sassy more sophisticated look. blue heron pin brooch fine enamelNative to all 50 United States as well as Canada and Central America the Blue Heron is a rare sight for most and yet a common sight for people in lake marsh, shoreline areas. Feeding on the frogs, turtles, rodents and fish found along shores edge the Blue Heron is a patient by effective stalking style water edge feeder. Raising their young in colonies from 5 nests to several hundred nests the Blue Heron breeding occurs naturally close the their native sources for food. When wings are tucked Blue Herons stand approximately 4 feet tall but when taken to flight the wings open up to a span in excess of 6 feet wide. Our waterways and marshes provide not only a natural beauty for all of us to enjoy they also provide a home for so many of our beautiful shorebirds like the Blue Heron. rhodium blue heron earrings relief styleThrough wearing the Blue Heron Earrings and Blue Heron Pin Brooch the wearer also provides an awareness and education regarding these magnificent native to America birds. We all must share in protecting their home while they provide for us a variable to our landscape in the shape of moving, living, breathing, flying living form. Following Blue Herons can be a fascinating and rewarding past time. For Blue Heron enthusiast the Blue Heron Earring and Jewelry will be an exciting addition to the Blue Heron Gifts Store items already available in plush stuffed animals, figurines and t shirts.

rhodium blue heron pin brooch relief jewelry

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