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Blue Octopus Puppet Plush is Animal Puppet Fun

blue octopus puppet plush folkmanisAnimal Puppets are perfect for children of all ages and the new Blue Octopus Puppet Plush is eight legged ocean lover creative play fun. With a little practice this blue puppet can easily be manipulated to mimic realistic octopus movements. A glove style puppet allows movement of five of the eight legs and with a simple shift of the hand the other three can come to life as well. Children and adults can both become puppet masters as any age can easily bring the octopus puppet to life. When putting on a puppet show about under the sea the octopus animal puppet can readily become the featured member of the story. A kindergarten teacher can use the octopus animal puppet to help with counting to eight. The octopus has eight legs and children can count to eight while pointing to each of the legs. Likewise, students can bring the octopus to life and bring to it their own unique personality. Puppets seem to have the intrinsic ability to bring out peoples inner personality which might otherwise remain dormant. For teachers, educators and doctors puppets allow people the chance role play and even answer questions that the real person is not answering i.e. the animal puppet like the Octopus puppet will answer a question that the person is unable to answer on their own. Animal Puppets serve so many possible uses however the best use is always the original for imaginative, creative play fun.

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