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Bluebird Earrings and Bluebird Pin Brooch for Gold Bird Jewelry Fashion

bluebird earrings gold
When people are asked their favorite backyard bird their answer usually includes the Bluebird at the top or near the top of their list. The reason is simple the Bluebird has a natural regal, elegant look. The Bluebird’s namesake color is a bright, vibrant, and unique shade of blue. This vibrant blue color cut out against a background of gold and white makes the Bluebird in a phrase, the epitome of “bird beautiful”. Seizing this beauty in bird jewelry are the Bluebird Earrings, the Bluebird Pin Lapel and Bluebird Brooch Pin. The Bluebird Earrings Gold shown above left offer fine detail hand painting on gold and are presented in the French curve wire style for casual or dress up occasions. As a ready complement to the earrings, animal theme gift specialist Animal World offers a matching Bluebird lapel pin or Bluebird brooch pin. Produced in the same manner as the earrings the Bluebird Pin Lapel and Bluebird Pin Brooch both capture the universally appreciated beauty of this enjoyable backyard bird. Predicted in many bird books to be extinct by the late 70’s and 80’s due to the unintended effects of DDT the Bluebird has recovered to prosperity with the help of dedicated Bluebird enthusiasts. In providing adequate well planned housing along with meal worm feeding stations, Bluebirds have made a marvelous recovery and are now a welcome common sight in many backyards. This recovery of the Bluebird against tough odds has become an instant inspiration to all bird loving enthusiasts. With this feeling of success comes the need to satisfy the immediate inspiration and desire for connecting somehow to this beautiful bird. This connection is achieved through the availability of gold bird jewelry especially with the Bluebird Earrings, Bluebird Lapel Pin and Bluebird Brooch Pin. Celebrating the Bluebird with fashion fun animal earrings, lapel pins and brooch pins not only looks great but renews our attention and need to coexist with wildlife. The return is always much greater than the investment, in fact it is priceless.  

bluebird pin lapel
Bluebird Lapel Pin
Bluebird Brooch Pin
Buebird Brooch Pin

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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