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Celebrate Bird Day with Bird Gifts Store Lover Collectibles

pink flamingo plush stuffed animal toy

It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy the company, beauty and song of birds. It is therefore, nice that birds are recognized with National Bird Day May 4.Whether we appreciate the everyday backyard birds consisting of Cardinals, Bluebirds, Goldfinch, Chickadees, Bluejays and Robins to the spectacular Eagles, Ospreys, Red Tail Hawks, Great Blue Herons or White Egrets, birds are a special part of all of our lives. So it comes as no surprise that there is a Bird Appreciation Day. Early May is the perfect time of year to appreciate birds because baby birds are fledgling and the parents are frantically trying to keep the voracious appetites of their babies sufficed. For these reasons celebrating birds with bird gifts store items is a popular vocation. Bird gifts store collectibles are available in a variety of birds including Bluebird, Blue Heron, Bluejay, Canadian Geese, Cardinal, Cedar Waxwing, Chickadee, Chicken, Cockatoo, Dodo, Duck, Eagle, Egret, Falcon, Flamingo, Goldfinch, Hummingbird, Kestral, Loon, Macaw, Morning Dove, Ostrich, Owl, Parakeet, Parrot, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Pheasant, Pigeon, Puffin, Red Tailed Hawk, Robin, Seagull, Stork, Swan, Toucan Tufted Titmouse, Turkey and Wren. For many of the birds like Flamingo their are toy miniatures, earrings, pin brooch jewelry, blanket throw tapestry afghan, plush stuffed animal toys, t shirts, neckties, hats, crossing signs and mugs.The joy of bird lovers extends from just observation to letting the world know how special birds are to our everyday enjoyment of the world. Bird gift store lover items makes this endeavor not only possible but also pleasurable.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Animal World March Coupon Code

Bluebird Earrings Post Gold EnamelTo celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of Spring Animal World announces their coupon code for the month of March. Nothing is more beautiful and represents Spring more than a pair of Bluebirds making preparations for family. For this reason the Animal World Coupon Code for the month of March is “bluebird” allowing return customers the opportunity to receive a 10% off discount on all their purchases of the entire line of excellent animal and pet theme gifts. Best of all the coupon code can be used more than once so customers can use the coupon code as often as they need to get all their favorite dog, cat, wildlife, dinosaur, bird and horse theme gifts. Bluebirds are one of the most beautiful of all backyard lover birds. For Bluebird gifts store lovers there are earrings, jewelry pins, lapel pins, blanket throw tapestry, figurine, crossing signs and nature sound CDs. Many bird lover bird books of the 1970’s predicted the extinction of Bluebirds before the 1980’s. This was due in large part because of the terrible effects of DDT. With the end of the use of DDT a few Bluebirds were saved by the conscientious tireless work of many bird lovers who erected, protected and maintained Bluebird trails where Bluebirds could make a foothold back to prominence. While the Bluebird numbers have returned and many enjoy their presence they continue to fight for survival and are often forced out of their bluebird homes by competing birds. Still it is a time to celebrate Spring and the Bluebird is perfect way enjoy the return of warmth, longer days and the beautiful outdoors.

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