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TY introduces "Bo" Portuguese Water Dog Beanie Baby

Soon after the inauguration TY was accused of exploiting President Obama’s daughters by coming out with Sasha and Maleya dolls to add to their TY Girlz product line. TY under pressure withdrew the names but the dolls remain under new names. Now TY has introduced “Bo” the Portuguese Water Dog Beanie Baby. This is ok and fills the emotional attachment need of a lot of people who want to have their own small bit of White House puppy love. President Obama needs to realize that everyone in the gift industry is simply trying to give the customer what they want and the same time make a living. President Obama should allow TY and any other company that wants to promote Bo as good for business. Plush makes people all over the country happy and if they want a plush stuffed animal “lovie” of Bo the Portuguese Water Dog then it should be ok. Many people can’t afford a dog or they live in a place where dogs may not be allowed. In both these cases and many other similar situations Bo the Portuguese Water Dog Beanie Baby is the perfect solution. It is a win win situation for all. TY could smooth the situation by donating part of the proceeds to help homeless dogs, the SPCA and proper dog care education. Douglas already makes a Portuguese Water Dog which they call the “Presidential dog” so they are in a similar way are already trying to associate with Bo. Douglas has had a Portuguese Water Dog plush stuffed animal on the market named Jose. Douglas so far has not renamed their Portuguese Water Dog plush but they continue to try to make a connection with Bo. The Portuguese Water Dog plush stuffed animal toy is shown. In this tough economic time Bo can play a big part for all, he can work in a productive way as an ambassador for dogs, as a boost for economy, in this case the gift industry and BO can make children all over the USA and around the world feel a warm personal love connection with the first dog.

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