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New Bobcat Toy Miniature online at

bobcat miniature toy replica
Bobcat Toy Miniature

Animal toy miniatures have entered a new realm of realism and detail never before seen in the history of toys. This is never more evident than with the recent introduction of the new Bobcat Toy Miniature by online animal toy specialist Animal World. Made by of PVC plastic by Safari Toys the new Bobcat miniature toy replica bears full resemblance to the real animal. From the detailed markings, the muscle tone, body structure and individual layered hair coat the Bobcat miniature toy brings a new level of never before seen detail and realism to the animal toy miniature market. Measuring 3″ long x 2″ high x 1″ wide the Bobcat Toy Miniature is sized ideally for hand held up close inspection, analysis and learning. All these benefits can be achieved unconsciously with simple recognition, through children’s hands on play interactivity fun. Opportunities for creativity in master wildlife displays cannot be overlooked whether used to depict North American wildlife or individual Bobcat habitat. Teachers who want to bring 3 dimensional education into the classroom will be thrilled to incorporate the Bobcat Figurine Toy Miniature into their classroom discussion lectures on wildlife in particular Bobcat. Schools like Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake who have adopted the wildcat Bobcat as their school mascot can incorporate the Bobcat miniature toy into fund raisers, awards, trophies and even school spirit morale builders. As with all animal toy miniatures the best use for the Bobcat Figurine Toy Miniature is simply the for play fun where adventures and stories can be played out through the imagination and creativity of a childs mind. For Bobcat Gifts Store enthusiasts the toy miniature can be a wonderful addition to Bobcat plush stuffed animal toys, figurines, puppets already available to wildlife lovers.

Bobcat Toy Miniature article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Bobcat Miniature Toy Photo by Safari Toys

Bobcat gifts for animal lovers, education, decor and play fun.

bobcat plush stuffed animal
When people think of animal predators of North America they think of wolves, bears, mountain lion but they forget Bobcats. Bobcats are very elusive but just as dangerous. For animal lovers there many nice Bobcat gifts including Bobcat stuffed animals, puppets, crossing signs, figurines, and mugs. Teachers and students can enjoy the Bobcat puppets for story time animation and active participation. For play fun the Bobcat plush stuffed animal is adorable educational play fun. Children can carry the stuffed Bobcat plush with them, they can name them, carry them to bedtime and make up creative stories or adventures. bobcat puppetFor home decor the Bobcat figurine shows a realistic posing Bobcat on a rock. Made of cast stone and hand painted this Bobcat figurine captures the beauty and power of this gorgeous animal. For nature trails it is important to offer visitors as much information as possible so preparations can be made of possible encounters will real Bobcats. The Bobcat Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum for this outdoor functional safety use and comes with 2 holes for easy hanging on posts or fences. The Bobcat Crossing Signs can also be of use for indoor decor fun. For animal enthusiasts who have a Bobcat collection of plush stuffed animals, puppets, mugs and figurines the Bobcat crossing sign sets the mood for entrance into the Bobcat adorned room by letting visitors know they are in a special place where Bobcats are revered. bobcat figurine statueTo start the day everyone loves a cup of coffee and a way to make it even better would be to enjoy it in a full color artwork Bobcat Mug. All these Bobcat Gifts represent just one animal in a broad range of animal and pet lover gifts for animal enthusiasts.

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