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Border Terrier Blanket and Pillow for dog lover home decor

border terrier blanket throw tapestryBorder Terriers are certainly not the first dog breed that comes to most dog lover’s minds, however, Border Terrier dog breed lovers can now claim to have their very own blanket throw and pillow for complete home decor. Made in the USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the Border Terrier Blanket Throw Tapestry shows a pair of Border Terriers in a windswept field in a classic hunting pose artwork pose. With a width of 70″ and a height of 54″ the Border Terrier Blanket throw tapestry could be used to decorate an entire wall. Some Border Terrier enthusiasts have been known to frame this beautiful piece of art to preserve and properly put it on a pedestal their love for this fiesty dog breed. With production runs on specialty items like this Border Terrier a limited time event this may actually be the most prudent use for such as special gift. More conventional uses for the Border Terrier Blanket Throw Tapestry is as a cover for the sofa, chair, bed or uses as a light cover up for mid day naps, watching TV or reading a book. border terrier pillowAs the perfect complement to the blanket the Border Terrier pillow throw is ready to take it’s rightful place by itself or in pairs on the sofa, chair or adorning a bed. As a member of the Terrier group in dog show competitions the Border Terrier was originally bred to seek out and flush foxes, however, they were also used for killing rodents. The Border Terrier has an even temperament and an ability to think on it’s own which made it’s ability to handle complex hunting situations an attribute in demand and admired by hunters. No one will ever claim that a Border Terrier is a beautiful dog breed, on the other hand, they have a heart of gold as anyone close to the breed would adhere to. For this reason the Border Terrier easily assumes it’s rightful place as part of dog lover home decor with man’s best friend. Border Terrier gifts store items like the blanket throw tapestry and pillow make life a more interesting and warm place to call your home along with the friendship provided by the love of the Border Terrier breed.

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