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Breyer Horse Figurine Trait du Nord French Belgian is rare collectible

Breyer Trait du Nord French Belgian horse figurine statueBreyer Horse Figurines has for years produced their own unique line of horse statue collectibles. As they are produced they are introduced to the public but limited production makes certain pieces a rarity. This is the case with the Trait du Nord French Belgian horse figurine statue by Breyer horses. As part of the Traditional Breeds of the World series this Breyer French Belgian Trait du Nord Horse Figurine statue was produced in the large 1/29 scale size. With an original retail of $ 45.00 the collectible value is sure to increase with time as it becomes harder to find in it’s original box in pristine condition as shown. Many consumers play with the Breyer Horse figurines, or place them on a shelf. This is an excellent use for these unique horse figurines however, to maintain it’s collectible value it must be in the same condition and packaging as when it left the factory. One special quality of the Breyer Traditional Figurines such as the Trait du Nord is that they come packaged in their own special display box which does allow viewing without taking it out of the box. With the clear hard plastic front window box it almost appears to be in it’s own customized display area. The Breyer Trait du Nord Figurine Statue was released originally by Breyer on Jan 1 2007 and was retired on Jan 1, 2008. With the coming year this piece will have been out of production for 3 years. It is no longer available from Breyers so the only opportunities are at a store that may still have it in stock or online. With the economic downturn collecting has become a less attractive hobby. For people with the where with all who possess a keen eye and are study of history, they know there is no better time to collect hard to find Breyer horse figurine collectibles like the Breyer Trait du Nord French Belgian horse figurine.

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