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Buffalo Earrings Gold Jewelry made in the USA

buffalo earrings gold jewelry french curve
Nothing embodies America like buffalo on the open plain and the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful animal is with Buffalo earrings made in the USA. Made of recycled brass these Buffalo Earrings are 22ct gold plated then hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces hundreds of facets which capture and reflect the light. The Buffalo earrings are on a gentle curve as well with gives shape and body to these gorgeous Buffalo earrings. Buffalo earrings look best on buffalo lover enthusiasts and can easily be worn for dress up as well as casual. In addition for any sports team that uses Buffalo as their mascot cheerleaders, mothers or any woman wanting buffalo fashion can wear these lightweight, long wearing gold buffalo earrings. Using a french curve gold fill wire the Buffalo earrings capture the heart, sole and independence of this unique animal to Americas western plains. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Buffalo earrings like all animal earrings of similar style represent quality workmanship, pride and attention to detail. Best of all the Buffalo Earrings are made in the USA keeping Americans at work.

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