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Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animals represents US Marine Corp Mascot

bulldog plush stuffed animal semper fiWith it’s origin during World War I the Bulldog has become the mascot of the US Marine Corp. According to the Germans nicknamed the Marines devil dogs because of their fighting tenacity. With this complement from the enemy the Marine Corp in Quantico VA began using a bulldog in full Marine Dress on their recruiting posters. Then on October 14, 1922 a real bulldog named “Jiggs” was officially sworn in as a private with assigned duties with official jobs in the the Marines. Private “Jiggs” was promoted to Corporal, then to Sergeant and finally to the rank of Sergeant Major. Sadly “Jiggs” passed on January 9, 1927 and was mourned officially and personally by the entire Marine Corp. “Jiggs” legacy lives still today as the bulldog has become the mascot of the Marine Corp because of it’s tenacity, ferocity in the fight and gentleness in peace. bulldog plush stuffed animal NormanReal Bulldogs are an expensive, labor intensive dog so every Marine cannot own their own real bulldog, however, every Marine can easily have a Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal to add to their Marine memorabilia collection. With several styles available the Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy can adorn a dresser, locker, shelf, mantle, desk or showcase. The Bulldog plush stuffed animal toy can be used for morale, for orientation, as a going away gift and as a reminder of some of the characteristics the Marine Corp represents. The first bulldog plush stuffed animal shown is available in a puppy size, goes by the name “Semper Fi” and is pictured top left. The next Bulldog plush stuffed animal shown middle left is featured in a ready position and is called “Norman” possibly in recognition of General Norman Schwarzkopf who was in charge of the Desert Storm operation in 1991. The last Bulldog plush stuffed animal is the largest, goes by the name “Hardy” and shows complete self confidence in the classic bulldog sitting position. Bulldog plush stuffed animals could be called upon to decorate Marine functions, parties and for recruitment tables. bulldog plush stuffed animal HardyAll represent the Bulldog breed magnificently and are ready to be assigned duty with the Marines where ever they are called upon to serve. Every American is proud of the history and tradition the Marines have given in service to their country. The Bulldog serves as a perfect mascot for the Marines. For those who are able to have a real bulldog the mascot the experience would be unforgettable. For all though any Marine can own a Bulldog plush stuffed animal toy as a symbol of pride for the corp, their duty and the USA as a country.

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