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Bulldog Bookends Figurines for dog figurines home decor

sandicast bulldog bookends figurinesPeople often argue that dog figurines are simply dust collectors. This is might be true for people who see everything superficially however this is definitely not correct in the case of the new Sandicast Bulldog Bookend Figurines. Serving as bookends as well as beautiful dog figurine home decor these Bulldog bookends are fully functional. The Bulldog bookend figurines are made of cast stone, hand painted in 2 adorable poses. The books next to the Bulldogs are also made of cast stone and hand painted so they are heavy thus fully serve their job as bookends. Bulldogs are a universally accepted dog breed for people from all walks of life without owning a bulldog. The US Marines use the bulldog as a symbol for the Marine Corp. For Marines the bulldog bookend figurines could decorate an office, or home decor. Large truck companies have also used a bulldog to represent the toughness their trucks. For business meetings office decor or gifts the bulldog bookend figurines make an unexpected deeply appreciated gift. Football teams like the University of Georgia are called the bulldogs for similar reasons. Of course many people actually own a bulldog so the bulldog bookends are a natural gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and for recognition. Bulldog gifts store often make the bulldog bookends their hallmark piece. There are many bulldog figurines but the bulldog bookends are unique, special and functional which makes them a standout. The Bulldog figurines make US Marines, business and colleges, and school very proud thus serving the need for personal pride. Best of all Bulldog bookend figurines make you smile, comment and interact which is an excellent reaction for what some erroneously call a dust collector.

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