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A Bulldog Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan for Bulldog Lovers not Bulldogs

bulldog throw blanket tapestry afghan
Bulldog Throw Blanket Tapestry

Bulldogs have been known to wear capes sporting schools, universities and even the United States Marines so when you think of a bulldog blanket you would normally think of one for the bulldog itself. In contrast, with the new Bulldog Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan the Bulldog blanket is designed exclusively for the bulldog lover and not the bulldog itself. Currently, the Bulldog blanket throw tapestry afghan is proudly made in the USA by Manual Woodworkers on production looms located in North Carolina and South Carolina. Measuring a large 60” wide x 48” high, the Bulldog Throw Blanket combines functional warmth along with beautiful bulldog artwork for comforting dog lover home decor. Whether laid across a bed, sofa, and chair or framed for hanging on the wall the Bulldog throw blanket creates an immediate impression and expression the dog lover is trying to present. The nicest feature of the dog blanket throw tapestry afghan, therefore, is the automatic combination of bulldog lover artwork with the functionality of a coverlet. Offered online by specific breed dog gifts store specialist Animal World the Bulldog throw blanket is made of comfortable breathable 3 ply 100 % cotton. Released originally for dog lover home décor the Bulldog blanket throw tapestry afghan has found its way successfully into dog shows, the office, clubs, birthday parties and even as an export souvenir for visitors of foreign countries. The Bulldog blanket throw tapestry can even be used by the dog itself if necessary but remember it was designed expressly originally for the dog lover, so enjoy.

Bulldog Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

Bulldog vs Huskies Animal mascots are good luck NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four

bulldog blanket throw tapestrysiberian husky plush stuffed animal The NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four pitted the VCA Rams vs the Butler Bulldogs, then the University of Kentucky Wildcats against the University of Connecticut Huskies. With wins by U Conn and Butler the NCAA Men’s Championship will bring the together the Huskies against the Bulldogs for the championship. For all the other teams who didn’t get to the final four it is time to get the hint and change to an animal mascot. Obviously schools and universities with animals as their mascots win championships and get further than ones without animal mascots. For anyone needing further evidence need look no further than the NCAA Mens BCS Football Championship between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.  Best of all animal mascots are universal, there are no politics involved and best of all they provide a rally point for all to center their enthusiasm. Whether the Butler Bulldogs or the University of Connecticut Huskies persevere their are animal and pet theme gifts for either to utilize to celebrate their victory. For the Butler Bulldog fans their are Bulldog Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing sign, t shirts,  cookie jar, doormat and keychain. For University of Connecticut fans there are Siberian Husky Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing signs, t shirts, cookie jars and doormats. With the Bulldogs of Butler against the Huskies of U Conn we finally have a dog fight that is not controversial and doesn’t result in any harm to either animal since each is simply an animal mascot for each university. So while schools and universities sit on the sidelines during the current NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four they need to look no further then their forefathers for their misfortune of luck since they made the choice of a non animal for their mascot.  In a phrase if you want good fortune to come your way always bet on the school or university with the animal mascot, luck is on their side.

Bulldog Bookends Figurines for dog figurines home decor

sandicast bulldog bookends figurinesPeople often argue that dog figurines are simply dust collectors. This is might be true for people who see everything superficially however this is definitely not correct in the case of the new Sandicast Bulldog Bookend Figurines. Serving as bookends as well as beautiful dog figurine home decor these Bulldog bookends are fully functional. The Bulldog bookend figurines are made of cast stone, hand painted in 2 adorable poses. The books next to the Bulldogs are also made of cast stone and hand painted so they are heavy thus fully serve their job as bookends. Bulldogs are a universally accepted dog breed for people from all walks of life without owning a bulldog. The US Marines use the bulldog as a symbol for the Marine Corp. For Marines the bulldog bookend figurines could decorate an office, or home decor. Large truck companies have also used a bulldog to represent the toughness their trucks. For business meetings office decor or gifts the bulldog bookend figurines make an unexpected deeply appreciated gift. Football teams like the University of Georgia are called the bulldogs for similar reasons. Of course many people actually own a bulldog so the bulldog bookends are a natural gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and for recognition. Bulldog gifts store often make the bulldog bookends their hallmark piece. There are many bulldog figurines but the bulldog bookends are unique, special and functional which makes them a standout. The Bulldog figurines make US Marines, business and colleges, and school very proud thus serving the need for personal pride. Best of all Bulldog bookend figurines make you smile, comment and interact which is an excellent reaction for what some erroneously call a dust collector.

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