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Bullmastiff T Shirt recognizes a special large dog breed

Bullmastiff T Shirt USAIt is not a bulldog and it is not a Mastiff, it is a Bullmastiff. Larger than a bulldog but a bit smaller than a full size Mastiff the Bullmastiff stand alone as a specific dog breed. To recognize this special dog breed Animal World prints a new Bullmastiff T Shirt and also a sweatshirt. Featuring a large Bullmastiff print on the front, a smaller Bullmastiff print on the sleeve and pawprints on the opposite sleeve the Bullmastiff T shirt is a statement in dog fashion with a flair for fun. * Originating in Great Britain during the 1800’s dog breeders developed the Bullmastiff to reduce the massive size of the Mastiff. With it’s smaller size the Bullmastiff was more agile than it’s predecessor but remained true to it’s ability to track and it’s powerful physique. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Bullmastiff T Shirt is available in children and adult sizes so all ages and all members of the family can enjoy dog breed fashion fun. With the new Bullmastiff T Shirt dog owners can now take their Bullmastiff for a walk and educate interested dog lovers simultaneously. Most important with the new Bullmastiff T shirt, Bullmastiff dog lovers can feel a sense of pride in the knowledge that their beloved breed now rates it’s own dog t shirt. Bullmastiff dog lovers can now add the t shirt to their collection of gifts including the cookie jar, mug, keychain, crossing sign, figurine, plate and Christmas ornament.

* Atlas of Dog Breeds by Bonnie Wilcox DVM and Chris Walcowicz pg. 248

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