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Business Men Travel with Dog Plush Stuffed Animals

boxer plush stuffed animal sluggerDogs have often been called “Man’s best friend” but what happens when the man goes of on a business trip leaving his beloved dog at home. English men and an increasing number of American men now bring a dog plush stuffed animal in their specific dog breed if possible with them on business trips. This simple dog plush stuffed animal brings a little bit of home and familiarity with them when they are off on business in places that are unfamiliar. Similar to the movie Castaway where Chuck Noland played by Tom Hanks befriends a soccer ball to keep him company businessmen can adopt a dog plush stuffed animal travel buddy to keep them company during long trips. Just like at home when the business traveler gets back from a long day the dog plush stuffed animal greets them with love at the room when they return. The dog plush stuffed animal also is a ready sympathetic listener when it has been a bad day. In addition, when it is time to return home the joy of going home is shared with the dog plush stuffed animal. Everyone knows the dog stuffed animal doesn’t talk and aren’t real, however, just like a college student homesick for home or an patient in a hospital any taste or feel of home is a welcome comfort. Is the use of dog plush stuffed animals by men macho or metro? Does it really matter, if it helps the business man have a better trip then the solution is definitely worth the stereotyped stigma. For those tough guys who say they would never travel with a dog plush stuffed animal a tough dog like the Boxer plush stuffed animal “Slugger” (shown above) or a Bulldog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd Labrador Retriever Doberman Pinscher or Siberian Husky might be an acceptable solution. According to an ABC News online article by Scott Mayerowitz on August 24, 2010 25% of men travel with plush stuffed animals of various styles. Maybe in the future dog plush stuffed animals will be as much a part of the travel checklist as socks, shirts, shoes, pants and underwear.

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