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Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan home decor made in the USA

Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Butterflies DanceNothing brings the feeling of Springtime to people more than the sight of a beautiful Butterfly floating and flying in the light warm breezes of March, April or May. Capturing a variety of popular butterflies in art is the new Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterflies Dance”. Produced in the USA by Pure Country on looms located in the mountains of North Carolina the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry is called “Butterfly Dance”. Made of soft 3 ply 100% cotton the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan brings out the bright yellows, oranges, blues, reds, blacks, purples we all associate with these delicate creatures which are often only around for a matter of days. The Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterfly Dance” would be popular with any butterfly lover or simply anyone who welcomes the warmth and rebirth every year with warm Spring weather. Perfect for home decor the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry could be framed, displayed on a wall, laid over a bed, across a sofa, chair and when the night air or cold fronts return in Fall and Winter it’s functional use can be utilize for warmth or taking a nap. Butterfly gift store enthusiasts will love adding the blanket throw tapestry to their line of Butterfly collectibles. Similarly tourists looking for souvenirs made in the USA will be thrilled to add it to their collection of returning gifts from America which represent our country. Butterflies and Springtime make everyone smile because their presence marks an official end to long harsh Winters and the start of warm happier times. With the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterflies Dance” that wonderful feeling can return anytime.

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