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Camel Gifts for business play fun, education and school.

Camels are legendary for their ability to survive in the world most extreme climates of hot, cold, wind and scarcity of water. Because of these rare characteristics of survival Camel gifts can serve many needs from business, to education to play fun. This year in business it is all about Survival. If you are in sales why not use Camel toys or Camel plush stuffed animals, camel figurines, or a camel crossing sign to rally the sales troops during this tough time in business. Draw strength from the Camel to give strength to your sales campaign. For the best performers you could give camel figurines, a camel necktie, a camel jar or camel mug to represent the best performers or to reward excellent performance. Teachers can also use camels to represent excellent examples of perseverance, persistence, determination and finishing the job. From these examples school projects can include Camels. Of course Camels can also be used for play fun, and of course camels make great gifts for your girlfriend, or boyfriend. Maybe as an endearment the camel means something special. A Camel Plush Stuffed Animal is shown.

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