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Cat Plush Stuffed Animals for National Hug Your Cat Day

May 30 is National Hug Your Cat Day. Anyone who knows cats, knows cats are cool, independent and are not particularly interested in getting any hugs. Usually the closest cats come to giving hugs to people is when cats decide your lap would make a good place for a nap. There are exceptions of course and some cats like one we had for 14 years gave hugs but only on their terms and timetable. So you may be in a dilemma this May 30 when it is your obligation to hug a cat. I have a simple and more important safe solution to this problem. The solution is to go out and get yourself one of the many Cat Plush Stuffed Animals. With this Cat stuffed animal plush you can safely meet your obligations for National Hug Your Cat Day and at the same time add a cool looking cat to your home decor. Cat plush stuffed animals are available in Siamese, Tabby, Persian, Himalayan, Black Cat, and Tortoise.

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