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Chameleon Puppet is animal puppet story time play fun

chameleon puppet folkmanis
Chameleon Puppet by Folkmanis is animal puppets educational play fun. With it’s bright green and dark green shiny plush this Chameleon appears to change colors as you view it from different angles. It is easy to work the mouth and you can even flick the tongue in and out with your finger for additional puppet fun. If you hold the Chameleon puppet cross armed you can move the tail and back legs with your opposite hand for added lifelike movements. The neatest feature about the Chameleon Puppet is being able to move the eyes, you can roll them, push them out, and manipulate them any way you want. Budweiser a few years ago made Chameleons famous by using a Chameleon, they called it the Budweiser lizard in a swamp to help advertise their product. This showed the kind of personality you can bring to the Chameleon puppet. For teachers looking for a way to engage their children in an active learning environment the Chameleon Puppet will certainly achieve desired results. Put on the other hand when children have a chance to work with animal puppets like the Chameleon it seems to have a way of bringing out the child’s personality. This is especially important in education when a teacher is trying to get a child to come out of their shell. The best thing about the Chameleon Puppet as well as all Folkmanis animal puppets is their ability to stimulate imagination, creativity and make learning education more fun.

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