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Chicken Rooster Plush Toy Stuffed Animal Country Decor

Chicken Rooster Plush Toy Stuffed Animal
Chicken Rooster Plush Stuffed Animal Toy at

When it comes to home decor nothing spells country like chickens and roosters. Capturing that feeling is the new Chicken Rooster Plush Stuffed Animal Toy. Just released online by wildlife stuffed animal plush specialist Animal World the new Chicken Rooster Stuffed Animal Plush Toy features super soft golden brown, yellow, orange, blue, red and green deep plush. With a pair of endearing, engaging eyes this Chicken Rooster Plush Toy Stuffed Animal lays ready to offer immediate companionship, friendship and immediate country company to anyone in need of that back on the farm warm feeling. For Chicken Rooster Gift Store enthusiasts the Chicken Rooster Plush Stuffed Animal joins other collectibles including a Chicken Rooster throw blanket, plastic toy miniature, crossing sign and necktie.

Chicken Rooster Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Article and Photography by Steve Forrest

Do Easter Eggs Come From Easter Bunnies, Don’t Eggs Come From Chickens ?

chicken crossing sign
Chicken Crossing Sign
chicken puppet hen
Chicken Puppet for Eggs

Throughout the whole year everyone knows that eggs come from chickens namely hens, however, at Easter suddenly we all forget that fact and instead give credit for Easter Eggs to the Easter Bunny. Chocolate Eggs, Cream Filled Eggs, eggs made of plastic filled with Candy are all thanks to the Easter Bunny not the Easter Chicken. Even Easter Eggs that are hard boiled for dying pink, yellow, blue colors and placed in Easter Baskets are credited with coming from the Easter Bunny. Chickens especially hens should be crying FOWL for this terrible injustice. If Easter is to be celebrated with Easter Eggs that are shaped, referred and in many cases are actually chicken eggs then chickens especially hens should be given credit. At minimum chickens should at least get credit alongside and equal to the current stage hogging Easter Bunnies. Unfortunately traditions are hard to break and most likely Easter Bunnies will continue to get full credit for Easter Eggs of every type. With this in mind you still need to decorate for Easter, so maybe in addition to the traditional Easter bunny you could also incorporate an Easter Chicken Hen in your layout. An easy way to achieve this is with Chicken plush stuffed animals, puppets, toy miniatures and figurine statues. A great source for your Easter Chicken Hen theme decorations is Chicken Gifts Store specialist Animal World. According to Mary at Animal World they offer an excellent selection of realistic looking chicken plush stuffed animals, puppets, toy miniatures and figurine statues. Maybe by decorating for Easter with Chicken Plush Stuffed Animals, toy miniatures, puppets and figurine statues a spark of change in tradition can occur where Chickens begin to get some recognition for the Easter Eggs of their own creation, otherwise next time you want your eggs fried, scrambled, soufflé, Benedict, poached or as an ingredient in any one of hundred of other dishes, go ask the Easter Bunny.

Easter Eggs Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Chicken Crossing Sign Artwork for safety home decor

chicken crossing signAs the saying goes, why did the chicken cross the road and the answer is to get to the other side. This is true but without the aid of a Chicken Crossing Sign the chicken may never get to the other side. Now with the new artwork on the Chicken Crossing sign the chances of successfully traveling across the road are now even higher. Featuring the artwork of a white Rooster and a white hen the new Chicken Crossing sign is printed on a bright caution yellow diamond shaped sign. With a punched hole at the top the Chicken Crossing Sign is ready to be mounted on a post, fence, wall or any location necessary to educate drivers that chickens are in the immediate vicinity. Since the Chicken Crossing Sign like all animal crossing signs are made of durable aluminum they are perfect for use outdoors during all sorts of weather. Chicken Crossing signs with their new artwork are also appropriate for use indoors. Chicken coops can be an incredibly busy places and just like the road the Chicken Crossing sign is right at home. For women who love to decorate with a country decor the Chicken Crossing sign is ready to help set the mood. Chicken lover enthusiasts have been known to have extensive collections of chicken lover gifts. For Chicken gifts store collectors of blankets, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, puppets and neckties the Chicken Crossing Sign will be a friendly warning to all visitors that they are entering a chicken lovers lair. Businesses can also utilize the Chicken Crossing sign as a gift to important clients or for eye catching office decor. The Chicken Crossing sign can certainly help chickens cross the road safely but for everyone they can also put a smile on one’s face.

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