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Chicken Theme Gifts for country home decor and fun

chicken stuffed animal plushMany states have the cardinal for it’s state bird. Other states use bluebirds or orioles. But the city of Key West Florida has the chicken. It’s for a good reason, there are chickens through out the city. Roosters strut the streets with a hen or two nearby. Almost every yard had at least one chicken under a bush or near the street. Early dawn wake up calls annoy some visiting tourist and entertain others. Celebrate the chicken with a feathery white hen with her small chick. The bright yellow sign highlights a love of chickens or can be used near a chicken coop! Other chicken gifts are available to express your love of chickens – adorable other plush and blankets to wrap up in. Plastic toys can be used to create a barn yard scene or can be displayed individually. A chicken hen puppet is also a popular way to express oneself. chicken crossing sign

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