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Chinese Crested T Shirts Sweatshirts are Made in USA

chinese crested t shirt
Chinese Crested T Shirt USA

One of the most unusual and unique dog breeds in the world is known today by the name of Chinese Crested. Although it’s name bears the word China the breed actually first became recognized as the Mexican Hairless Dog. The Chinese Crested Dog is famous and popular for obvious reasons today, because of the total lack of hair over most of it’s body. In contrast to the hairless part, the Chinese Crested does have a beautiful flowing horse mane like hair emanating off it’s ears, tail and the back of it’s ankles. Originating most likely from Africa according to some written records the Chinese Crested history can definitively be traced genetically through Mexico. A large part of the successful transition as an accepted dog breed can be attributed to one of the most successful breeders as well as entertainers in the world, Gypsy Rose Lee. The Chinese Crested is now an accepted dog breed with many dog organizations. This recognition as a popular dog breed is shown by the new release of a Chinese Crested T Shirt for dog lover fashion and fun. Made in the USA by dog t shirt specialist Animal World the Chinese Crested T Shirt is printed on natural color 100% cotton. Available in family sizes from child through the largest adult the Chinese Crested T Shirts offers dog lovers the opportunity to show off with pride the joy of owning a unique Chinese Crested. The Chinese Crested Dog T Shirt also educates in a friendly manner to curious onlookers the name of this unusual looking yet beautifully unique and special dog breed. Competing in the Toy Group in show dog breed competitions the Chinese Crested often turns heads and receives second looks not only with its unique look but also with it’s spirited personality. With it’s small size, big personality and special hairless look, the Chinese Crested dog has secured it ‘s place in the dog world as well as the fashion world with it’s very own Chinese Crested T Shirt which is made in the USA. According to Kelly at Animal World “we can also print Chinese Crested Sweatshirts and Chinese Crested Hooded Sweatshirts.”

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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