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New Chipmunk Puppet and Chipmunk Finger Puppet Fun

Chipmunks in comparison to squirrels are often forgotten and overlooked. This is no longer an argument with regard to the new Chipmunk Puppet and Chipmunk Finger Puppet now available online by animal puppets specialist Animal World. Made by Folkmanis Puppets the Chipmunk Puppet and the Chipmunk Finger Puppet both offer realistic detail, trademark Chipmunk striped markings and easy to handle characteristics. Designed for use with the right or left hand, when held cross armed the opposite hand can subtlety move a back leg, or more dramatically give that Chipmunk’s tail a lifelike swish. With the main hand manipulating the front two arms is easily achieved and most importantly can be used to wave, point, grasp, hold, pat or whatever is required to entertain the audience. Though not as open to possibilities as the Chipmunk hand puppet the Chipmunk finger puppet can still communicate with ease to it’s enchanted audience. With a nod of it’s head the Chipmunk Finger Puppet can say yes, or conversely by shaking back and forth the Chipmunk Finger Puppet can emphatically say no. Nodding vigorously can obviously mean the Chipmunk Finger Puppet is enthusiastic whereas acting pensive would mean caution. Whatever the emotion the Chipmunk Puppet or the Chipmunk Finger Puppet are both ready to add fun to otherwise mundane moments in our daily lives.

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