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chocolate lab crossing signCelebrating one of Americas favorite dog breeds Animal World releases their coupon code for the month of July providing return customers with a 10% discount on any order of the complete line of animal or pet theme gifts. The coupon code for the month of July is “Chocolate Lab”. Labrador Retrievers are most well known in Black Labs and Yellow Labs but the third color which quickly gained popularity is the Chocolate Lab. Chocolate Lab owners are thrilled with their special color Labrador Retriever and celebrate this love with an ever increasing line of dog themed gifts. Chocolate Lab Gift Store enthusiasts enjoy Chocolate Lab plush stuffed animal toy, blanket throw tapestry, t shirt, sweatshirt, Sandicast figurine, doormat, crossing sign, mousepad, flag, puppet, keychain, earrings, finger puppet, plate and pin jewelry.chocolate lab sweatshirt Chocolate Labs historically were bred to work with hunters in dry land and water retrieval of ducks. With their eager to please attitude, ability to work, quick learning curve Chocolate Labs have been adapted to search, rescue, drug enforcement, companion special needs and do well in dog skills obedience competitions.

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