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Cockatoo Figurine for Exotic Bird Lover Home Decor

cockatoo figurineThere are many exotic birds in the jungle and one of the most unique is obviously the Cockatoo. With it’s trademark Mohawk like crest which it can raise or lower and lush white feather covered winged body the Cockatoo carries a natural majestic appearance. This regal air Cockatoo look is captured in the Cockatoo Figurine. Bird Figurines are scarce for animal lovers home decor collectors and finding a Cockatoo Figurine is an even tougher task. This is fortunately not a dilemma for consumers shopping online at Animal World where they actually offer 2 Cockatoo bird figurines. There Cockatoo Gifts Store lovers can find in addition to the Cockatoo figurine, cockatoo plush stuffed animals, a pewter keychain and a t shirt. The Cockatoo Figurine shown above left features a Cockatoo in a natural setting perching atop a appropriate branch and measures 4″ high. cockatoo bird figurineThe Small Cockatoo Bird Figurine shown below left is smaller 2.5″ high and is perfect for eye level viewing where other delicate collectibles are on display. Animal figurines like the Cockatoo bird figurine allow everyone the opportunity to share a passion and love for this beautiful bird without actual ownership of a real Cockatoo. In addition, the Cockatoo Figurines bring the beauty of the bird into bird lover home decor with out the actual cost and maintenance of real bird ownership.

Post written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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