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Collie Toy Dog Figurines is Educational Imaginary Play Fun

Collie Toy Dog Figurine MiniSince the early days of TV with shows like Lassie everyone has been able to recognize the beautiful Collie dog breed. Obviously with the exposure and glamor that comes with a hit TV show of Lassie’s caliber comes demand by children as well as adults for having a Collie as a family pet. Dog pet ownership obviously is a huge commitment of time, love, monetary resources and facility to handle a large active dog breed. For these reasons not everyone qualifies for taking care of the Collie dog breed no matter how much their heart desires one as a family pet. In contrast everyone qualifies for ownership of the Collie Toy Dog Figurine and Collie Puppy by Safari Toys. Collie Puppy Toy Dog Figurine MiniAvailable online by specialty animal and pet theme gift retailers like Animal World the adult Collie Toy Figurine Miniature is shown with it’s gorgeous flowing golden, brown, white coat and featuring an attentive ready to work pose. Similarly the Collie Puppy Toy Figurine Miniature features the youthful eagerness pose of a naive but ready to learn adolescent while still possessing the beautiful colors, coat and lines of the Collie dog breed. Purchases together or in pairs dog lovers can use their imagination to create stories about the Collie dog family. Play time could include as an example the Collie puppy toy miniatures using their curiosity to venture out on imaginary adventures and when danger or trouble arises the adult Collie Toy Dog Figurine Miniatures can come to the rescue. Since the collie toy dog figurines are play toys when play time is over they can simply go on a shelf or best of all they can just as easily go into a pocket or backpack for portable fun on demand. In addition to the Collie toy dog figurines other dog toy miniatures in Black Lab, Border Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Welsh Corgi, Yellow Lab are available so a whole neighborhood pack of dogs can provide hours of imaginary, creative play fun. Christmas is always a popular time for toys and dogs. The Collie toy dog figurines might just make this Christmas special by providing that long awaited puppy under the tree for dog lovers for whom real dog ownership is not a realistic alternative.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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