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Coyote Puppet is howling good animal puppet fun

coyote puppet
Puppets are fun, puppets bring animals to life, puppets exude the personality of the puppeteer. With these ideas in mind you can let your imagination run wild with the Coyote puppet. Whenever people think of the coyote they immediately think of howling. As the puppeteer you will have to do the howling or you will need to enlist your listeners to provide the howling for this coyote puppet. With ease you can make the head tilt and likewise the mouth opens wide to make it look like the Coyote is howling. For story time the Coyote is realistic looking without looking scary for young listeners. Likewise young children could easily add their own portrayal of how they feel the Wolf should act. It is amazing how each child would in their own special way let their personality show through in how they make the coyote puppet act. For schools that have adopted coyotes as their mascot the coyote puppet could help provide morale and entertain. Businesses that take part in role playing Coyote puppets might offer a unique way of brainstorming new ideas. For fund raising efforts the Coyote puppet could collect funds, give out goodies bags or be a meet and greeter. The Coyote puppet like all animal puppets is only limited by the personality of the puppeteer.

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