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Crab Figurine Statue Gifts for Crab Lovers

Crab Statue Figurine
Crab Figurine Statue at

Most everyone loves to eat crabs in fact there is even a TV show featuring catching king crabs in the icy waters off Alaska. Most people on the East Coast are more familiar with the smaller Blue Crab. Capturing this crab in realistic detail is the Crab Figurine Statue shown left. Featuring a realistic setting the Crab Statue Figurine displays a large Crab and two smaller Crabs resting on underwater looking rocky outcroppings. Perfect as a gift for Crab Lovers the Crab Figurine Statue is designed especially for display on an office desk, coffee table, end table or low shelf in a curio cabinet. Mounted on a black onyx with brass styled base the Crab Figurine Statue also lends itself easily for use as an award or trophy in Crab related businesses, clubs, organizations or similar situations where recognition of achievements is desired. Crab statues are a difficult find for consumers searching for gifts for Crab Lovers. The Crab Gifts Store at Animal World offers the Crab Figurine Statue along with Crab toy miniatures, plush stuffed animals, t shirts, sweatshirts and a crab crossing sign. To learn more about Blue Crab you may wish to view the Crab Science video by the Smithsonian Institute below.

Crab Figurine Statue Gifts for Crab Lovers Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Blue Crab Science Video by Smithsonian Institute Education Department

Crab Gift Store items for Summer Lover Fashion and Fun

Blue Crab T Shirt USA

Blue Crab T Shirt USA

Every Summer vacationers flock to the beach. With these wonderful moments come the festivities of eating and enjoying crabs is often a popular selection. With this love of crabs can evolve an obsession with these wonderful animals of the sea and for these crab lovers there is now an excellent selection of Crab Gift Store collectibles. This list of Crab Gifts Store items includes Crab T Shirts, toy miniatures, plush stuffed animals, crossing sign, earrings, pin brooch jewelry, keychain and necktie. One of the most popular of Crab lover gifts are the Crab Earrings and Pin Jewelry. It is easy to imagine going out to eat ready to stuff yourself full of tasty crab meat while simultaneously adding to the party atmosphere with the Burgundy or Blue Crab Earrings and matching Crab Pin Brooch. Not to be outdone men can add to the party atmosphere with the Crab Necktie.

Crab Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Crab Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Anyone of course can create crab lover fashion with the Blue Crab T Shirt or Blue Crab Sweatshirt. Children can jump into the fun also with the amazingly realistic looking crab toy miniatures and crab plush stuffed animal toys. Either the Crab Toy Miniatures or the Crab Plush Stuffed Animals can also become unique souvenirs of the wonderful experiences of Summer Beach lover ocean side fun. Crabs are not the prettiest of animals upon first inspection, however, as with most things crabs tend to grow on you and soon enough they become fascinating. With this fascination comes obsession and soon the full line of crab gift store collectibles become a possible selection for the crab collectible lovers shrine. The perfect way to announce this crab lovers lair to unwary visitors is with the crab crossing sign.  With it’s bright yellow cautionary color and universally recognized diamond danger shape the Crab Crossing Sign is perfect for use outdoors or indoors. Summertime is fun and Crabs are fun. Together crab gifts store collectible items make living, festivities and partying during the Summer fashionable fun.

Copy and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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