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Fine Enamels Animal Earrings Pins by Crown Jewelry Selling Out

monarch butterfly earrings
Monarch Butterfly Earrings

For animal jewelry lovers who love the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pin by Crown Jewelry, the days of availability are numbered. According to animal earrings pins specialist Mary at Animal World “with Christmas sales our inventory of the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pins is running very low with many styles are already sold out.” With Crown Jewelry’s decision to phase out their line of Fine Enamels animal earrings supply has become very scarce with the exception of retail stores and online retailers who still have inventory on hand. Mary at Animal World comments, “the Fine Enamels line was very popular, however, as they sell out, since they are out of production, they therefore become permanently unavailable for future purchase. Known for their detailed hand painting which brought out the vivid colors especially in the bird earrings, butterfly earrings, dog earrings, cat earrings and dragonfly earrings, the Fine Enamels animal earrings line at this time are irreplaceable. The Fine Enamels line also included horse earrings, bat earrings, turtle earrings, crab earrings,  bee earrings, ladybug earrings and seahorse earrings. Animal World continues to offer online a wide variety of  gold jewelry animal earrings from Wild Bryde.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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