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Dalmatian Blanket Throw Tapestry captures history in art

Dalmatian Blanket ThrowDalmatians are synonymous with firehouses and fire trucks. They have been associated with horses since the Middle Ages. The Dalmatian was a protector of horse drawn carriages by running a head of the carriages and alerting the driver of danger ahead. Dalmatians are actually quiet dogs and only bark when their is just reason to do so. Interesting facts about the Dalmatian are that the puppies are born white. They begin to get their spots within a few weeks. No two dalmatians are the same, each is a unique specimen. This phenomena was shown in the Walt Disney Movie 101 Dalmatians. Cruela Devile was furious that the dalmatian puppies were white when she wanted a spotted coat for herself. The Dalmatian Blanket Throw is a great way to celebrate the Dalmatian. It is a large detailed blanket featuring your favorite breed. This dalmatian blanket throw would be an ideal fund raiser for your local volunteer fire department. It is also a great gift for your favorite fire fighter especially with Father’s Day coming soon. The Dalmatian Blanket like all dog blanket throw tapestries is made with pride in the USA of 3 play 100 % cotton. As a gift for dalmatian dog lovers or for visitors from foreign countries looking for products made in American the Dalmatian Blanket throw tapestry is perfect for home decor or warmth on a chilly day.

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