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New Deer Toy Miniature Figurines in Doe and Fawn

The plastic animal toy line at Animal World continues to expand and improve with the introduction today of a new Deer Doe Toy Miniatureand Deer Fawn Toy Miniature Figurine. Both of these Deer Toy Miniatures replaces two older versions. As an ongoing state of improvement the two new Deer Toy Figurine Miniatures offer a higher level of realism and more importantly detail. Because of the PVC plastic used as the base material definition and detail can be incorporated into the new animal toy miniatures which allow delicate details like ears, necks and ankles to be shown without compromising strength. In addition because of the ability of the PVC plastic toy animals to bend, breakage is not a worry, especially in comparison to delicate fragile stone figurines. According to Mary at Animal World “Safari Toys continues to improve and amaze us with the incredible realism and minute features displayed on the animal toy miniatures that continue to fill out our ever expanding line of natural looking realistic animal toys.”  In addition to the 2 new deer toys a Buck Deer Toy Miniature Figurine was just added last month. Now any deer gifts store lover can have their own deer toy miniature figurine family, including the 10 point buck deer toy, the deer doe toy figurine and the baby deer fawn toy figurine miniature. Whether needed for school projects, school education, wildlife nature displays or simply imaginative play fun the new deer toy miniature figurines add a lot to the opportunities to learn while having fun simply playing.

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography
Photos by Safari Toys
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