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Australian Shepherd Blanket Throw Tapestry features dog artwork

Australian Shepherd blanket throw tapestryAustralian Shepherds have grown in popularity in recent years. The new Australian Shepherd Blanket throw tapestry captures the beauty and spirit of this hard working dog breed in art. Made in the USA of 3 ply 100 % cotton the Australian Shepherd blanket throw tapestry features a Blue Merle and a Tri color in the field. Australian Shepherds are famous for their ability to work and herd literally from sunup to sundown. Known for their intelligence, concentration to duty and eagerness to work they help herders move animals right, left, stop as well running down strays returning them back to the herd. To show their appreciation and love for this special dog breed dog lovers produced the Australian Shepherd blanket throw tapestry. Designed especially for Australian Shepherd gifts store dog enthusiasts the Australian Shepherd blanket throw tapestry can be laid across the bed, displayed on a wall, laid across a sofa, chair and on chilly days used to snuggle up for reading or watching TV. Australian Shepherd dog clubs and rescues can utilize the dog blanket throw tapestry for trophies, as a fund raiser for raffles and for use in silent auctions. For birthdays, office gifts and Christmas holidays the Australian Shepherd Blanket Throw Tapestry makes an excellent thoughtful gift. The best way to truly capture the beautiful artwork is to frame the Australian Shepherd blanket throw or hang it like a fine tapestry on a wall. Since the Australian Shepherd Blanket Throw Tapestry is made in the USA possibly the best gift opportunity is for visitors from foreign countries that wish to bring a piece of America back with them when they go home.

New Black Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry for dog lover home decor

black dachshund blanket throw tapestryThe Red Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry by Manual Woodworkers has been available for years and now there is a new Black Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry by Mill Street Designs. Featuring a black and tan Dachshund on a grassy background the Dachshund blanket throw is proudly made in the USA. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Black and Tan Dachshund is proudly made in America utilizing artwork from famous artists. Dachshund dog lovers are always searching for new ideas for home decor. The Dachshund blanket throw tapestry is perfect for wall display, draping over a sofa, chair or on a single bed. For reading a book, taking a nap or keeping warm on a chilly day the new Black Dachshund blanket throw tapestry is a wonderful gift choice. Dachshund dog club and rescues are always looking for gifts for fund raising activities. The black or the red dachshund blanket throw tapestry would both be excellent choices for that endeavor. Dachshunds originated in Germany, for visitors from that country looking for souvenirs the dachshund blanket throw tapestry makes a perfect gift especially since it is made in the USA. red dachshund blanket throw tapestryDogs are the best animal friend in the history of man. From hunting, to protection to companionship dogs have been a part of the history of human kind. It is only natural to want to capture this special relationship in artwork on dog blanket throw tapestries. When specific dog breeds like the dachshund are specialized in home decor like the red or black dachshund blanket throw tapestries the warmth given is not just provided by the blanket but also by the glow it gives you inside.

How to create dog lover home decor with dog blanket throw tapestry

create home decor with dog blanket throw tapestryDog breed enthusiasts have centered their life around love for usually a specific dog breed. For this reason an important consideration is creating a total home dog decor theme or reserving it to a single room that reflects that love and devotion. A dog lover home decor theme can be achieved subtly or with a total commitment. Whatever the choice the dog blanket throw tapestry is an excellent starting point since it can be utilized in so many different decor ideas. In bedrooms the focal point is the bed. With the bed made you can simply lay the dog blanket throw over the made bed and tadaa you have created dog lover home decor. For a more serious dog lover home decor the dog blanket throw can be utilized as a wall tapestry. A simple way to hang the dog blanket on the wall is by creating a simple clamp to hold the top edge. Once this is achieved simply level the top edge and hang with 2 hooks or use 2 screws or lag bolts to secure to the wall. The dog blankets are usually approximately 60″ -68″ long or high x 53″ – 55″ high or wide so the impact on the foom for home dog lover decor can be dramatic. Another more expensive way to wall display the dog blanket would be to have it framed. The artwork captured in the dog blanket throws are often reproductions from famous dog artists so it certainly qualifies for framing. The dog blanket throw tapestries are functional as blankets so they can also be used for dual decor and warmth. If this is the goal the best way to display the dog blanket is on the back of a sofa, folded neatly on an ottoman or laid in thirds lengthwise on a chair. The best decor ideas are often ones that are not conventional like the ones outlined above. An out of the box dog decor idea for the dog blankets may include utilizing the blanket as background for trophy display or favorite family dog pictures. Other decorators might even work with the dog blanket as raw material in custom upholstery, bags, or other areas where a softer look is desired. The best feature of the dog blankets is that they are all made in the USA on American production looms of 3 ply 100% American grown cotton by American workers.

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