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Afghan Hound T Shirts for Dog Lover Fashion

Afghan Hound T Shirt

If ever a dog breed connotes the image of money it is the Afghan Hound. With it’s elegant slender body lines to the long flowing coat the Afghan Hound emits an energy of money, power and aloofness. For pet lovers there is now an Afghan Hound T Shirt for dog lover fashion fun. Made by Animal World the Afghan Hound T Shirt is printed in the USA on soft comfortable 100 % cotton. Available in all sizes for the entire family the Afghan Hound T Shirt is also available in sweatshirt for year round dog lover fashion fun. Afghan Hounds were originally bred for hunting as with all dogs of the hound group. As the name implies the Afghan Hound historically finds it’s earliest history from the mountains of Afghanistan and Iran where it was used for hunting rabbits and gazelles according to Wikipedia. As hunters prized their dogs the Afghan Hound with it’s regal aristocratic appearance naturally demonstrated and exemplified to all the power and prestige of it’s owner. This same trait has carried the dog breed to life in today’s life worldwide. Whenever a photographer today wants to create an image of elegance, power, riches and elegance an Afghan Hound is often used posed on a rug, sofa, bed or other place of appropriate posture. While ownership of an Afghan Hound could be a very expensive even impossible proposition any dog lover is eligible to acquire for a nominal cost the Afghan Hound T Shirt or Sweatshirt. In addition to the Afghan Hound T Shirt dog lovers may also wish to acquire other Afghan Hound Gifts Store collectibles including dog figurines, pillow, dog figurines, plate, license plate frame, shot glass and keychain. Afghan Hounds are one of the most original of all dog breeds, meaning they appear today very similar to the way they have always looked through history. For Afghan Hound dog lovers of just dog enthusiast the Afghan Hound T Shirt and Sweatshirt represent a great way to celebrate this amazing, beautiful and elegant specific dog breed.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Dog Breed T Shirts and Sweatshirt offer Education, Excercise and Fashion

golden retriever t shirtWith Spring Time upon us it brings with it the desire to find new outdoor activities. One of the most popular is combining going to the beach with giving your dog exercise. Most beaches allow dogs on the beach during the early morning hours or early evening hours. During those times most beach dog walkers will wear a dog sweatshirt or dog t shirt for education and fashion. This is especially fun when the t shirt or sweatshirt is dog breed specific. For example Golden Retriever dog owners would wear a Golden Retriever T shirt or Sweatshirt when walking their dog. This way passers by on their walk not only have the chance to see immediately the specific breed of the dog they are observing. Quite often conversation between the dog owner and passer by begins upon this recognition. maltese sweatshirtPassers by often learn about the breed simply by observing the breed in such a way, hence, possibly resulting in future acquisition of their own pet. Likewise anyone who wears dog breed fashion obviously have pride in the breed which also lends credence to the dog breeds desirability. Made in the USA by dog t shirt and dog sweatshirt online animal pet theme gift specialist Animal World it is always patriotic to find items from America. Spending time with dogs is always fun as well as exercise in keeping up with their needs. Being able to combine visiting the beach with exercising your dogs and doing both while offering a fashion statement is always a win win situation. 

Copy Photo and Video by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Basset Hound Dog T Shirt and Sweatshirts for dog lover fashion

basset hound t shirt for dog breed loversOne of the most recognizable of all dog breeds is the Basset Hound. With it’s trademark long ears, large long body, short legs and sad expression filled eyes Basset Hounds are one of America’s favorite dog breeds. Immortalized by the Hushpuppy shoe company Basset Hounds have been utilized by any company, group or organization that feels their characteristics are best represented by the qualities of this unforgettable dog breed. Similarly basset hounds also transcend the world of fashion with dog breed lover t shirts. The new Basset Hound T Shirt is dog breed t shirt fashion fun. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Basset Hound Dog Breed T Shirt is printed on natural color 100% cotton in all popular child and adult sizes. Dog Breed Basset Hound Sweatshirts are also available in youth and adult sizes for year round comfort and fashion. The Basset Hound T Shirt and Sweatshirt all feature prints on the front and both sleeves. A large Basset Hound artwork with breed name and paw prints adorn the front of the dog breed t shirt. One sleeve features a smaller version of the artwork shown on the front while the opposite sleeve has paw prints as if the dog is walking up the sleeve. All three prints capture the heart, soul and unconditional love the Basset Hound dog breed has to offer. As with all dog breed t shirts they provide an opportunity for dog lovers like Basset Hound dog lovers the chance to show off their favorite dog breed for all to see and admire.

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