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Dalmatian Necktie is dog breed lover fashion fun

Dalmatian Necktie Red

Dalmatian Necktie on Red

Dalmatian Neckties allow a dog breed lovers the opportunity to show their love of the Dalmatian in dress up or casual fun. One of the most famous Disney movies of all time is 101 Dalmatians. For any Dalmatian dog lover or lover of the movie the Dalmatian Necktie would be a must for appropriate attire. Made of 100% silk the Dalmation Necktie features a conservative repeating pattern and may actually have about 100 dalmatians on the pattern. Dalmatians are famous in their historical role as the Fireman’s dog. The same is true in the beer industry where the Dalmatian is the dog featured on the Budweiser Beer Truck pulled by a team of Clydesdales. Even the old RCA Victor commercials features Dalmatians. All were successful in part because of the unique black spots on white background coat which distinguishes Dalmatian breed. This same unique successful fashion statement can be achieved by any Dalmatian Dog Lover that decides to select the Dalmatian necktie for dog lover fashion fun.   Dalmatian dog breed clubs could make excellent use of the Dalmatian dog breed necktie in club functions, raffles, and other fund raising activities. The best use of the Dalmatian necktie is for personal gifts where their is a close bond between man and dog. The man can proudly wear the Dalmatian necktie to work, to church or just for fun to get people’s reaction. The Dalmatian Necktie features dalmatian puppies on red, with the black spotted puppies on white with the red background it is a beautiful a beautiful color combination which will complement a variety of suits or outfits. Animal neckties like the Dalmatian dog necktie allow all animal lover the chance to combine their love of animals and wildlife with their everyday need to dress up for business and responsible dress. Hopefully the Dalmatian necktie and the animal neckties will make the everyday life a little more fun while at the same time setting new fashions.

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