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Animal Crossing Signs are Hot Item Today

Alligator Sign Warning
Alligator Crossing Sign Color at
Emu Sign Warning
Emu Crossing Sign Warning

Today our Animal Crossing Signs in Color and our Animal Crossing Signs Warning are the hot items going out. It makes perfect sense, Spring Time is the time for lots of animal babies and they need to be protected. The Animal Crossing Signs are a great way to educate, inform and protect. Made of aluminum the Animal Crossing Signs Warninig are perfect for use outdoors or indoors for fun decorative home decor. There are also Dog Crossing signs, Cat, Crossing Signs, Horse Crossing Signs and even Dinosaur Crossing Signs.

Animal Crossing Signs are Hot Item Today Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Dog Lover Gifts Rank at Top for Christmas Gifts for Animal Enthusiasts

shiba inu cookie jar
Shiba Inu Dog Cookie Jar

Dog Lover Gifts Store Rank at Top for Christmas Gifts for Animal Enthusiasts. Every Christmas people search for the perfect gift. One area that is overlooked but ranks at the top of favorite Christmas gifts received are dog lover gifts featuring their own favorite pet. Dog lover theme gifts are not for the dog but instead they are for dog lovers themselves. Dog Lover Gifts include dog plush stuffed animals, dog breed theme t shirts, dog figurine statues, dog crossing signs, dog picture frames, dog sweatshirts, dog blanket throw tapestry afghans, dog cookie jars, dog toy miniatures and dog coffee mugs. Dog plush stuffed animal toys are popular because they allow anyone the opportunity to have a pet. This is especially popular for young children, students away at college, people away on business trips, military personal away on duty and the elderly in assisted living centers where pets are not allowed. Dog figurine statues are a long time favorite because they in effect immortalize the pet for all time especially since they are dog breed specific. Another dog lover gift that embodies the pride pet lovers has in their heart involved specific breed dog crossing signs.

bulldog picture frame
Bulldog Picture Frame

They announce a warning but also announce the presence of a specific dog breed. Dog T Shirt and Dog sweatshirts allow dog lovers the opportunity to wear their favorite breed in dog lover fashion fun. Likewise, dog love cookies but so do their owners so Dog Cookie Jars are the perfect dog love gift and also for keeping fresh your Oreo’s, Keebler’s or homemade chocolate chip cookies. For coffee lovers the specific breed dog coffee mugs means the best part of waking up is petting your dog and having coffee in your dog lover coffee mug. Last but as the saying goes certainly not least are the extra large dog blanket throw tapestry afghans. Featuring beautiful specific breed dog artwork the dog blanket throw tapestry afghans are so handsome that they can be hung on a wall like an expensive painting. More traditional uses include use as a bed cover, on a sofa, a chair or used as a warm wrap for watching TV, reading a book or taking an afternoon nap.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

A Shih Tzu Crossing Sign Dog Warning, Really ?

Shih Tzu Crossing SignAnimal and Dog Crossing signs are normally used to protect animals and people from possible unsafe encounters with horses, cows and ducks, but a Shih Tzu Crossing sign, really? However, that is exactly what is available to Shih Tzu dog lovers. Available at Animal World the new Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is perfect for warning any unsuspecting visitor or traveler that they are in the immediate presence and possible danger presented by a Shih Tzu. Weighing in from 8 pounds to the ultra heavy 16 pounds Shih Tzu actually were originally bred to be the inside guard dog for wealthy Chinese palaces. Because of their alertness and eagerness to sound the alarm Shih Tzu love to bark and can actually provide similar protection to houses today. So where would be the best place to affix the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign? First if there is the potential for Shih Tzu to bolt out of the house and across the street for safety function the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign could be placed on either side of a mailbox. For visitors to the house the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign can also be placed in a window with a suction cup or on a post by the front door. Likewise for intruders to the house the deterrent of a noisy ankle biter like a Shih Tzu might be just the uncontrollable type situation a burglar would want to avoid. For dog lover enthusiasts that possess a collection of Shih Tzu Gift Store items like Shih Tzu blanket, t shirt, plush stuffed animal, Sandicast figurine, doormat, plate, mug, and wall hanging the new Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is a perfect way to announce the lair. Made in the USA the dog crossing signs are made of durable aluminum with bright yellow caution color background, classic diamond shaped design and full color artwork the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is an attention grabber. Each Shih Tzu Crossing Sign comes with a prepunched hole for ease of hanging on a post, fence, tree, door or wherever a dog crossing sign can provide safety function or indoor home decor fun.

Top 5 Dog Lover Gift Ideas Christmas List

People every year search their imagination for gift ideas. To help here is a Dog Lover Gifts Top 5 Gift Ideas for Christmas List to ease your shopping search.

  1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals
  2. Dog Figurines Statues
  3. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries
  4. Dog Breed T Shirts
  5. Dog Crossing Signs

The #1 dog lover gift idea for Christmas is dog plush stuffed animals. Everyone loves giving hugs and getting love in return. For many people their relationship with their dog is as close as any in their entire life.  Dog Plush Stuffed Animals are now available in almost all dog breeds from A – Z including Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Cairn, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman, English Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd, German Shorthair Pointer, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Irish Setter, Jack Russell Terrier, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, Maltese, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Samoyed, Schnauzer, Shar Pei, Sheltie, Siberian Husky, Weimaraner, Welsh Corgi, West Highland Terrie and  Yorkshire Terrier.  Dog lovers can therefore not only get a soft, cuddly adorable dog plush stuffed animal now they can also get it in their favorite dog breed.

#2 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is Dog Figurine Statues. Led by Sandicast Dog Figurine Statues immortalize a special dog that is or was part of the family. The impact of receiving a dog figurine is always a wow moment. The receiver can immediately place the Sandicast dog figurine on a shelf, a mantle or in a curio cabinet where it can b admired for it’s beauty, detail and ability to capture the heart and sole of the breed in stone.

The # 3 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog blanket throw tapestries. Made in the USA by companies like Scene Weaver, Mills Street Designs, Manual Woodworkers and Pure Country the dog blanket throw tapestries are beautiful home, dormitory, office or hospital patient decor. Dog lovers can wrap up with their favorite dog breed for taking a nap, reading a book, watching a TV and when they are finished they can display it on a sofa, chair or bed for warm dog home decor.

The # 4 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog lover breed specific t shirts or sweatshirts. All members and all ages not only are proud of their breed they also want to let the world know that their dog breed is the best. With the new dog breed t shirts dog lovers can show off their favorite breed in sizes from the smallest child to the largest adult for dog pride fashion and fun. With dog breed t shirt and the new dog breed sweatshirts dog lovers can now have year round comfortable dog lover style.

The # 5 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog crossing signs. A relatively new idea on an old idea the dog crossing signs combine dog safety function with fun. Made of aluminum the dog crossing signs are made in the USA in the traditional bright yellow diamond shape while capturing beautiful dog breed artwork for a truly entertaining gift. Easily mounted on a fence, door, post, or any place that requires safeguarding the dog crossing signs are steadily increasing in popularity.

dachshund dog plush stuffed animal

Dog Plush Stuffed Animals

Sandicast dog figurines

Sandicast Dog Figurines

dog blanket throw tapestries

Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries

New Australian Shepherd Crossing Sign is dog warning signs function and fun

Australian shepherd crossing signThe new Australian Shepherd crossing sign combines beautiful artwork with the traditional bright yellow diamond shaped warning sign. Made of durable aluminum the Australian Shepherd crossing sign is rugged enough for outdoor use by nice enough for use indoors for home decor. For easy hanging on a post, fence wall or wherever the Australian Shepherd Crossing sign has a hole at the top for ease of attachment to most any surface. Australian Shepherds are known for their incredible ability to work at their bred task of herding sheep, cattle or any animal in need of control. To educate visitors the Australian Shepherd crossing sign can alert car traffic to be on the lookout for possible encounters with working Australian Shepherds that are concentrating on their task and may not be aware of danger. Australian Shepherds also make wonderful pets for active families. Likewise, family entertainment could easily spill out onto a street or road creating a hazard for the pet Australian Shepherd. The Australian Shepherd Crossing sign can also be useful in residential areas. For entertainment the Australian Shepherd crossing sign can also work well indoors. People are often passionate about their dog and the breed it represents. To show this love dog lovers often collect Australian Shepherd Gifts store items like blanket throws, pillows, dog figurines, plush stuffed animals, t shirts, sweatshirts, picture frames, cookie jars, coasters, mousepads and keychains memorabilia. In a friendly gesture visitors to the house could find it entertaining to be forewarned with the Australian Shepherd Crossing Sign that they are entering a dog lovers lair. Everyone would understand that they are entering hallowed Australian Shepherd gift lover boundaries. Australian Shepherd dog lovers also often join clubs, have competitions and try to find homes for foster dogs. As a rally point for all these activities the Australian Shepherd Crossing sign could provide much needed esprit decor and morale. For creative and imaginative minds the new Australian Shepherd crossing sign can easily have many functional as well as fun uses for dog lovers and public encounters. The Australian Shepherd Crossing sign features the artwork of a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.

German Shepherd Crossing Sign protect and warn outdoors and indoors

german shepherd crossing signPeople are always looking for ways to warn people that a dog resides and may be present. The new German Shepherd Crossing Sign accomplishes this goal through gentle education without use of scare tactics. With new color German Shepherd artwork the German Shepherd Crossing sign is ready to use for outdoor functional safety. Made of durable aluminum the German Shepherd sign is designed like a road sign for year round outdoor use. For immediate attention the sign comes with the standard caution yellow color and diamond shape which automatically draws importance. With a hole at the top the German Shepherd crossing sign is ready for mounting on a fence, a post or any area that may seem appropriate. Outdoor use for the German Shepherd signs is important but they may also be utilized indoors. Dog lovers are famous for becoming breed memorabilia collectors. German Shepherd gifts may include blankets, figurines, plush stuffed animals, cookie jars, t shirts, doormats, mousepads salt pepper shakers, picture frames and other items for shelves and curio cabinets. As a friendly warning to visitors a strategically placed German Shepherd Crossing Sign can let people know they are entering serious German Shepherd breed lover territory. So whether used outdoors for safety warning function or inside for friendly, humorous fun the German Shepherd Crossing sign is a wise choice for breed lovers.

New Chocolate Lab Crossing Sign for safety and fun

The new Chocolate Lab Crossing sign captures with beautiful artwork the strength, dedication and love of the Labrador Retriever breed. Made of aluminum the Chocolate Lab Crossing sign is perfect for outdoors use and comes with a hole at the top for ease of hanging. Chocolate Labs love to retrieve especially water retrieving. All Labrador retrievers find their origin in their use with hunting especially with regard to hunting ducks. For some labs this is still part of their life but their close human bonds have made them one of the most popular dog breeds for families looking for an active dog. Chocolate Labs are often considered the heartiest and strongest of the 3 color labs which sometimes makes them the hardest adjustment for families with Chocolate Lab puppies. For this reason the Chocolate Lab crossing sign can educate neighbors be aware that they are in the presence of a very active dog. The Chocolate Lab crossing sign is also a sign of pride in the breed especially for Labrador retriever enthusiasts. For Chocolate Lab lovers the dog crossing sign makes a wonderful gift, is a conversation starter and makes wonder dog lover home decor. For whatever the reason the Chocolate Lab crossing sign is a wonderful addition to the dog crossing signs line.

New Dog Crossing Sign artwork for dog safety and fun

dog crossing signNew Dog Crossing Sign artwork is now available on the Dog crossing sign. Featuring a collection of 4 mixed breed dogs the dog crossing sign is a wonderful way to encourage drivers to be aware of possible dog encounters. Hopefully drivers will heed this warning, slow down and be careful of dogs. Made of durable aluminum the dog crossing sign is suitable for outdoors. For open areas that allow dogs the opportunity to run and have fun the dog crossing signs are extremely important to dog safety. Many city parks now have fenced in areas for the exclusive use of dogs and their owners. Most have double gates and high fences to keep dogs within the open space dog area however, dogs can get loose and for this situation the dog crossing sign may save the dog’s life. Dogs can also become loose from their owners before or after they enter the fenced dog park areas. Dog crossing signs come in most breeds and are also perfect for indoor home decor. Dog crossing signs can also be wonderful gifts for people who are dog lovers, own multiple dogs or have farms with dogs. Often on farms the road up to the house can be long. In these open areas dogs often run free, in these situations the dog crossing signs can provide the margin for safety for all involved. The new dog crossing sign artwork is fun and functional.

Dog Crossing Signs for National Dog Bite Awareness Week

May 17- 23 is National Dog Bite Awareness Week. Dogs are wonderful however sometimes when they feel threatened or they feel their family needs protection dogs feel the need to bite. This is not their fault as they are only doing what they feel is necessary based on the situation. Therefore during this week thoughts should go to the education and prevention of putting a dog in a situation where they might bite someone. Dog Crossing Signs are one of the best ways to educate the public that a dog is present. Dog Crossing Signs prevent situations where dogs might bite someone and are available in general purpose or specific breed signs like Rottweiler, Pit Bull or Doberman. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to do their part to allow people the opportunity to stay clear of dogs and dog crossing signs serve that purpose.

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