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New Packaging on Sandicast Small Size Figurines

sandicast dog figurines small sizeSelling and displaying fragile dog figurines has always been a challenge. If they remain in the box they are safe but they don’t sell. If you put them on a shelf for customers they get chipped, nicked and often broken. In these stringent retail economic times preservation of inventory is an everyday concern. To help out the new Small Size Sandicast Dog Figurines come in an attractive box with a front window which puts the dog figurine on a pedestal so to speak. It is easy to see the dog figurine but you also know it is protected. From a gift standpoint, it is ready to wrap and attractive to give. For larger dog figurines this type of packaging could be a problem due to weight but for smaller lighter figurines it is a welcome improvement. Since most of the Sandicast Small Size dog figurines are in the sitting pose they lend themselves automatically to the new packaging. The new packaging holds the figurine in place with clear plastic while at the same time protecting and putting the dog figurine in easy view. The new packaging is an eye catching orange and brown with paw prints, dog bones appropriate artwork. This new packaging is definitely a step in the right direction for Sandicast

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