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Dog Lover Gifts Rank at Top for Christmas Gifts for Animal Enthusiasts

shiba inu cookie jar
Shiba Inu Dog Cookie Jar

Dog Lover Gifts Store Rank at Top for Christmas Gifts for Animal Enthusiasts. Every Christmas people search for the perfect gift. One area that is overlooked but ranks at the top of favorite Christmas gifts received are dog lover gifts featuring their own favorite pet. Dog lover theme gifts are not for the dog but instead they are for dog lovers themselves. Dog Lover Gifts include dog plush stuffed animals, dog breed theme t shirts, dog figurine statues, dog crossing signs, dog picture frames, dog sweatshirts, dog blanket throw tapestry afghans, dog cookie jars, dog toy miniatures and dog coffee mugs. Dog plush stuffed animal toys are popular because they allow anyone the opportunity to have a pet. This is especially popular for young children, students away at college, people away on business trips, military personal away on duty and the elderly in assisted living centers where pets are not allowed. Dog figurine statues are a long time favorite because they in effect immortalize the pet for all time especially since they are dog breed specific. Another dog lover gift that embodies the pride pet lovers has in their heart involved specific breed dog crossing signs.

bulldog picture frame
Bulldog Picture Frame

They announce a warning but also announce the presence of a specific dog breed. Dog T Shirt and Dog sweatshirts allow dog lovers the opportunity to wear their favorite breed in dog lover fashion fun. Likewise, dog love cookies but so do their owners so Dog Cookie Jars are the perfect dog love gift and also for keeping fresh your Oreo’s, Keebler’s or homemade chocolate chip cookies. For coffee lovers the specific breed dog coffee mugs means the best part of waking up is petting your dog and having coffee in your dog lover coffee mug. Last but as the saying goes certainly not least are the extra large dog blanket throw tapestry afghans. Featuring beautiful specific breed dog artwork the dog blanket throw tapestry afghans are so handsome that they can be hung on a wall like an expensive painting. More traditional uses include use as a bed cover, on a sofa, a chair or used as a warm wrap for watching TV, reading a book or taking an afternoon nap.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Animal and Pet Lover Christmas Gifts List Top 10

wolf blanket throw tapestryEvery year we celebrate Christmas with the giving and receiving of gifts. Making Christmas gift giving time even more fun is incorporating it with our love of wildlife animals and our beloved pets. While new dog collars or leashes are nice to show true love of animals and pets it is best to capture that enthusiasm with t shirts, sweatshirts, figurines, earrings, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, neckties, blanket throw tapestries and pictures. Our time line with especially our own pets is short, however, those memories can last forever with the animal and pet lover collectibles from specialty online retailers like Animal World. For children there are popular gift items including dinosaur toy miniatures wildlife plush stuffed animals and animal finger puppets. t rex dinosaur toy miniatureMore mature animal gift lovers would appreciate the animal or dog blanket throw tapestries, gold earrings jewelry, neckties, figurines, dog cookie jars or animal crossing signs. Receiving and giving gifts is what makes the Christmas season special. When special consideration and thoughtfulness is shown through incorporating one’s love for animals or pets in the equation the extra effort spent is forever appreciated. These animal and pet theme gifts often become as memorable as the spirit which inspired their creation. Here is a quick list of our top 10 Christmas Gifts for Animal and Pet Lovers. Purchasing animal lover gifts made in the USA is a growing trend. If this is a goal the Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries, Gold Earrings Jewelry, T Shirts and Sweatshirts and Animal Crossing Signs meet this criteria.

1. Animal Toy Miniatures – Dinosaur, Wildlife, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Ocean,
2. Plush Stuffed Animals – Dog, Wildlife, Cats, Horses, Birds, Ocean,
3. Blanket Throw Tapestries – Wildlife, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Ocean,
4. Figurines – Sandicast Dog Figurines, Sandicast Animal Figurines,
5. T Shirts, Sweatshirts – Dog Breed Specific, Wildlife,
6. Animal Crossing Signs – Wildlife, Dog, Cat, Horse
7. Animal Puppets – Wildlife, Dog, Cat, Horse,
8. Earrings, Brooch Pin Jewelry – Wildlife, Dog, Cat, Horse
9. Animal Neckties – Wildlife, Dog, Cat, Horse,
10. Dog Cookie Jars – Dog

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